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Friday, October 17, 2008

Windows to the Soul

Eyes. We use them for seeing things in our world. My bloggy girlfriend and I over at Tea n Honey Bread use our eyes in a common way. We use them to watch people, their actions, their reactions, their emotions, and the meaning behind their words. Eyes really are the windows to the soul. I have vivid memories of joyful eyes that show limitless elation. I can even remember looking into the eyes of famous celebrities photographed for magazines after they have had a recent announcement of some sad news like divorce or some kind of loss and being able to see the deep sadness underneath their plastered smile and makeup. Eyes don't lie.

Here's a little game we'll play today. It's called name those eyes. I'll give you a hint, and you try to get them right. Don't worry I'll post the answers at the end.

Her character said these words in this movie back in 1993. "Except my name. I'll give up all that other stuff, but only if I get to keep my name. I've worked to hard for it, your honor."

She has played a good wife opposite Jamie Fox, and a cheating lesbian fiancee in one of Spike Lee's Movies.

She is marrying her drummer who I honestly thought was her gay hairdresser when I saw them together in Atlanta , after divorcing the man we all thought still think was her one true love.

She used a bat to bust out windows the of his car before Jazmine Sullivan .

She can smoke ten tons of crack, and come back to look like an innocent beautiful princess.

She has moved on from that sexual addict and had a bundle of joy with the finest white man I have ever seen in my life.

She doesn't like wire hangers, and you don't want to know what she'll do if you put her clothes on one. Hint: This is not Faye Dunaway!

She "greases her hair and it still won't grow" (non-African Americans please ask your Black friend about this) and she "breaks up with him before her dumps her."

She takes a tweezer to her eyes whenever she gets two cents to give a doctor for the surgery. I think she has her daughter doing it too!

Young men, old men, rich men especially Berry Gordy , poor men, melt if she bats her lashes at them.

Some people think her name is Tiffany because of the movie she played in.

She got married on April 4th some say to a rich Joe Camel , and then wouldn't even show future brides her gown so that they could copy.

I heard some lady whose husband she stole screaming and laughing "karma! karma!" when she didn't get any of her father's inheritance.

She's on the D List. I wonder why?

Thanks for playing along. Remember it's all in fun...

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Here are the answers:

Angela Bassett
Kerry Washington
Jill Scott
Carrie Underwood
Whitney Houston
Halle Berry
Joan Crawford
Missy Elliott
Joan Rivers
Diana Ross
Audrey Hepburn
Beyonce Knowles
Tory Spelling
Kathy Griffin


Yolanda said...

What a cool post idea. I love eyes- that's probably one of my favorite things about being a photographer, people pay me to pay special attention to eyes!

Kymali said...

Now, That was fun! I just told my son about eyes being the window of the soul. He has very long hair and it covered his eyes...I made him cut it...just a little.

Ms. Bar B: said...

That was fun =). I absolutely LOVE Kathy Griffin. She is hilarious and her mother is a mess. I love them both.

MyBrownBaby said...

Very very cool post... I totally missed Carrie Underwood and Tori Spelling, but then I really don't pay them much attention. But I pay A LOT of attention to your blog, which is absolutely cutie... so cute that I gave it a little surprise. Go on over to my site, MyBrownBaby to see what it is.

Have a great Sunday!

Denene of MBB

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Okay, I'm totally embarrassed because I paid none of these people any mind previously. The only one I knew right away was m' girl Whitney because of the crack reference. I wish I could call you right now-you know all the business.

fly tie said...

lmao! too funny.

i only got about 4. i like this game, though. eyes always fascinate me.