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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sister Rockstars!

There are days when rockin' is very necessary! You know those days when you have already, fussed, prayed, cried, laughed, and hummed. After all of that there's nothing else left to do but ROCK!!!! Sometimes I just get in my car and I blast my favorite song to rock to, which is Penitentiary Philosophy by Erykah Badu

Penitentiary Philosophy "Live" - Erykah Badu

I love Sisters who rock! They provide a true and real example of how creativity adds to the Universe. Here are some of my favs.

Of course there is none other than Tina Turner! she has been rockin' since 1960, YES!!!! She is still rocking today.


Here is Janis Joplin, of course she has transitioned on from this body back in 1970, but this sister rocked the world for the short time that she was here.

Here is a Sister I just love Leela James She is pretty new on the scene but she is a true rocker. She rocks the blues! This is one of my favorite songs of hers.

I've been loving Bonnie Raitt since I was about 18 or 19 years old. She rocks Country! She is seasoned and real. I was about to put up "Something to Talk about," one of my favorite songs of hers, but I found

I love Nikka Costa! She is a funky chick. This her most popular rockin' song.

My absolute favorite rockin's show was this! If you don't look at any of the other videos you have to see this! I came to tears the night I saw this performance. Melissa rocked this poor baby right off the stage, although the child was still standing right there the whole time.

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Ms. Bar B: said...

These are all AMAZING women. There is no way that anybody couldn't not love Tina. I can't believe that she is out on tour right now, she is such a legend. And Leela, Oh my goodness. I love her music, I love her hair! Miss J. has some Leelah hidden behind those plaits of her's, and she loves to ROCK it out =)

Tia's Real Talk said...

Rock on sista! Power to the people! (head banging like a true rockstar!)

Dori said...

I love these ladies, they do ROCK!!! Tina is my "she-ro". She has always done her thing. I am so excited that I will finally get to see her in the new year. She is coming to London and honey, I'm gonna be there. :-) Thanks for sharing all of the ladies with us!

Lite }{ said...

If you like sistas that rock, check out Santogold (from Brooklyn, NY)! She playing on my blog rite now as a matter of fact!

I'm glad I found your blog, good to bump into another Atl inhabitant. Latas!

Sooz said...

Those women do rock, You should hear JEM if you havent already.. you would like her I bet.

Debra said...

All are great!! I am a huge fan of Tina Turner.....but who isn't.

diamond jewelry said...

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Ms. Bar B: said...

You've been tagged!!

fly tie said...

i feel ya. sometimes that's all you can do: rock.

doesn't "penitentiary philosophy" by badu get you going?? love that song and have listened to it repeatedly in the past week.

lol @ the comment about the last video. i'm gone keep my comments about joss stone to myself...

great post.