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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

15 Years on the 15th of October!

Today is my wedding Anniversary. My husband and I married at a courthouse in Baltimore, Maryland 15 years ago. I wore a red dress. We weren't from Baltimore, we wanted to get married in Maryland because it was an easy place to elope. We were going to marry in the D.C. Area, but I had to use the bathroom on the way to get the license a week before the day we married. We exited in Baltimore to use the bathroom and settled on that city for our nuptials.

We've had our ups, down, highs and lows, and in the words of Monica We are still standing.
still standing - monica ft ludacris

In honor of marriages everywhere and in celebration of mine, today's post is all about wedding rings.

I love this set for the techie nerds. I love, love, love symbols of nerdom because I love nerds.

These are elegant an usual. Who wants to wear something that you see everyday. Well I guess a bunch of people do, but I am not one of them.

This is great for a person who swears they are not cut out for marriage. A square ring to go around their round finger, see it still fits:)

This set felt a little pornographic to me, but maybe I have a dirty mind. Fun, fun, fun!

Cultural bands, African and Celtic.

Finally, here are our rings. Over the years we have changed rings out. Sometimes we buy cheap cute rings and wear them for a a year or so. Our first rings were simple gold bands. These however, have special significance. My husband bought my band on my birthday before our 10th anniversary. He came to my office and made me take the day off, so we could look for a diamond. The first one he had ever bought me ( we were broke when we got married). His ring I designed but had crafted by a jewelry designer I admire. That was about three or four Valentine's Days ago. So many years bring so many memories, I am glad to share just a few with you.

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Craig Brimm said...

Happy Anniversary Babe! You are the best. Thank you for putting up with me and most importantly thank you for being your wonderfully smart, nutty, talented, funny, brilliant, brainy, crazy, curious, friendly, spunky, whacky, pretty, sexy, huggy. lovey, bossy, jokey, homey, sweety, chummy, yelly, jumpy, funky, lovely, chatty, smoochy, cutey, curvey, afroey, mommy, wifey, incredible self!

You are the depth of my soul and the peak of my highs in life. You are truly the most remarkable person I have ever met.

Cathe Holden said...

Happy Anniversary you two. Congratulations on your 15 years.

(found you while blogging tonight, your photo avatar on your comment on tea and honey bread struck me, as well as the name jewelry rockstar! so I had to peek!)

Ms. Bar B: said...


The rings were all very nice. I love the techie nerds one. Now that is some real creativity right there =).

Ms. Bar B: said...


The rings were all very nice. I love the techie nerds one. Now that is some real creativity right there =).

Sooz said...

Awww Happy anniversary! My husband designed the best ring ever for me. If you look at the slidshow on my blog one of the pics are of our rings. Hopw you have a great day!

jahzara said...

May you guys be blessed with 15 and more years to come. Congratulations.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Congratulations Rockstars! I love the story the rings tell as they begin to lose their sparkle-kind of a testament to the ups and downs and all of the subtle nuances of sharing in forever!

Yolanda said...

Happy Anniversary to you!!! Hope you had a fantastic one. The nerd rings are too cool. My favs are the african symbols, I wish I'd have run across a ring like that when I was getting married. Oh well one day you'll just have to design a special one for me :)

fly tie said...

you always make me laugh.

i like the pornographic ring set. he he!

happy belated!

(and awwwww @ the comment above from your husband)