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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Full Moon Shining

I am NOT pregnant and please don't wish a baby on me, right now I am enjoying the fullness of my life with my two wonderful, talented and brilliant daughters. However, my fellow blogger over at Ebony Mommy has recently announced that she and hubby are expecting another bundle of joy. Something about October has always reminded me of pregnancies. Maybe it's because I've been pregnant twice in October. Here's an image of me pregnant with my first child.

Here are some celebs during their pregnancies.

Who can forget this eye-popping image of Demi Moore from the early nineties. This shot has been duplicated by others such as Nicole Kidman and Britany Spears who certainly will not be allowed to show up here, since she revels in the pregnancies while shirking the mommy duties

Here is Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen during happier times ( yes, they were happy once--here is proof)

This is Iman with her first husband, Spencer Haywood, and first child.

This was the equivalent of the Demi Moore showing her belly back in 1952 when Lucille Ball showed herself to be "expecting", a term insisted upon by CBS, on I Love Lucy. This pregnancy produced huge ratings for the show.

Now this next image goes into the WTF category... I love Catherine Zeta-Jones, however I was pretty saddened when I found this image. I know she's European and they have an "it's all okey dokey" policy concerning drinking during pregnancy, but I think they are fully aware of the dangers of smoking during boo hiss on her for this.


Renée aka Mekhismom said...

Oh my goodness with Catherine Zeta. My girlfriend smoked for the duration of her pregnancy. I make no excuses but it is an addiction and I suppose it was easier for her than dealing with the additional effects of withdrawal and hormones running wild.

BTW - your photo is magnificent!

Craig Brimm said...

"A pregnant woman is beauty in it's most abundant form." ~ Craig Brimm

Are you sure you don't want another baby?

Jen said...

Your photo is beautiful! I wish I had done that for my 3 pregnancies. I'm not going to do it again just for a picture, though! :0)

nicaeli said...

beautiful pictures!(except the smoking one, shame on her!)

TheresaJ said...

Beautiful photos of women in thier most beautiful state!

The Ebon Swan said...

You're making me (almost) miss being pregnant, though I must say I equate winter with pregnancy, probably because I had both of my girls right after Christmas. Managed to hit Thanksgiving with my son, the turkey jokes abounded. ;)

Debra said...

Those photos were great!!
(but not the last one...:-(

Ms. Bar B: said...

Now why'd you have to go and do that?? And why in the hell did Cat do that? Lol. I want another baby sooo bad. My daughter once asked me if we could just go buy one, lol. Didn't have the heart to tell her that it takes a bit more than cash, so I just said no.

I totally feel you about what you said on my blog concerning Miss Forehead and I was LMAO btw =)

Morrigan said...

I really love the first three photos!

fly tie said...

oh, i *love* pregnancy shots! i don't know what it is with me and pregnancy and birth. don't have any children, never been pregnant, not sure about the future where that's concerned. but i'm so fascinated by it all.

Yolanda said...

Sorry i'm so incredibly late but thanks for the shout out! Beautiful pregnancy pics (except for the smoking one, yick). Maternity portraits have become a favorite of mine, I suppose I might actually get some done of myself this go around since its my last baby!