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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Eartha Kitt...Grrrl!

I heard Tom Joyner on the radio about a week or so ago talking about Eartha Kitt, and he kept making reference to her role in Boomerang with Eddie Murphy. I kept screaming at the radio " No Tom, she's known for more than that, why do you keeping saying Boomerang" She is such a spectacular woman.
Eartha began her career in the 50's as a singer and actress. She is a singer with a voice that growls, she was the first Black woman to play Cat woman , and she was also Helen of Troy in an Orson Welles movie.

Ms. Kitt was blackballed in the USA in the 60's because spoke out against the Viet Nam war. She then began to work in Europe in the 1970's. Eartha Kitt is an American Dream. She was actually born on a plantation, and she was abused by her family. However, she still fulfilled her destiny of becoming an American Icon.

Today she is still working at the age of 81 years old.

While catching a glimpse of me posting, my children informed me of two important roles that Earth Kitt has played in movies they love.

She is Yzma onThe Emperor's New School

And she played Madame Zeroni in Holes.

I am so happy that this woman who my mother adored as a young person, I admired as a little girl, and my children enjoy today has had such a prosperous career that had spanned several generations.

Here are a few of her performances.


Ms. Bar B: said...

Love it and I love her! I had no idea she was the first catwoman. Makes me wanna be catwoman for halloween even more now, lol.

I think she is fabulous. Thanks for educating us.

Mekhismom said...

Oh I love Eartha too. She was hilarious in boomerang.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

I totally dig Eartha, to quote Cameo, "She's strange, but I like it!"

Dori said...

Oh, I just LOVE Eartha Kitt!! I loved her as Catwoman and I love how fabulous she has always been. The way that she speaks is so "her". She was over here performing in London a while back and I wanted to go see her so much, but I didn't make it. She is an American icon as you said. Thanks for spotlighting her. :-)

The Ebon Swan said...

She is still such a gorgeous woman!

kiss my black ads said...

I love Yzma's earrings.

Jewelry Rockstar said...

Thanks to Kiss my Black ads, I've noticed Yzma's earrings. Yes, I make a zillion earring, I obsess over who's wear what earrings, and I didn't notice that Yzma had on earrings. LOL! Thanks KMBAs