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Friday, October 24, 2008

Beyonce Copy Cat Medallion Necklace

As many of you may know or at least may have gotten a strong sense, I am a big fan of Beyonce.I haven't always been. It happened around the time I saw her do this crossover crawl in her Crazy in love video. A flip just switched and I remember thinking that is a bad b*tch! Anyway, every since the flip switched I've been admiring her and this chick seems to do a whole lot right. Even the time she fell down the stairs and swiveled her head a few times and never missed a note! Incredible!!!

Well, true to my hawking Beyonce behavior. I made a pair of earrings into two medallion necklaces because I saw her wearing one on the November cover of Essence Magazine. Here's what she wore.

Here's what I made.

I know it may seem a little stalkerish to behave the way I do about Beyonce especially since I'm not a Gay man or a Lesbian either for that matter . I just like to see people do a great job at what they do! If I saw you doing your best at your accounting job, I might bite your 10 finger entry style. Beyonce is great at what she does, and I like it!

These new necklaces are available in my etsy store.

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steven mcvay said...

hello... i saw beyonce in concert a while back and it was possibly one of the greatest shows i have seen... and i have seen lots, we were on the front row and she looked incredible and danced like her life depended on it.
thanks for your blog comment on mine..

MBB Founder and Editor Denene Millner said...

SUPER cutie. And Beyonce IS a bad b^$&*

fly tie said...

she does do her thang.

you had me crackin up with the reference to the crossover crawl and the fall down the stairs.

and i don't think you're stalkerish at all. you just give props where you see they're do.

great job on the necklace. it's lovely.

Kala Pohl Studio said...

Beautiful necklace, very well done:) Inspiration does comes from all places, doesn't it?

Thyme2dream said...

Now thats not fair to you...its not really a copycat, just a tribute necklace:-)! I mean there are whole bands out there who go around just copying other bands, AND people pay to see them...tribute bands right?

Really tho- I think you have been inspired yet managed to create something unique in its own right-its beautiful!!

Ms. Bar B: said...

LOL, I just got my Essence issue out of the mailbox. Your rendition of B's necklace is wonderful. Don't have no shame in your game about being a die hard B fan... look what inspiration she gives you =)

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Any artist who denies the source of their inspiration is in denial! I love your rendition and the fall down the stairs had me cackling like a fool. I'm a behind the scenes superstar because I certainly would have thrown an all out Cancerian histrionic hissy fit right on the stage-D@mn stairs conspiring against me!

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

Oh my goodness. I have never seen that clip of Beyonce. And I have to agree she is a bad B. She did not miss a beat and that fall looked like it had to hurt. And falling is scary. The gurl did her thing!

Love the necklace.

Anonymous said...

i love beyonce! i love her newest music videos. she is just an amazing woman - a great dancer, singer, actress, and of course, a fahsion icon.

your piece is absolutely gorgeous!! i am so incredibly jealous :)

La C