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Monday, October 13, 2008

I've been tagged...7 things about me!

I was just about to put up a new post about another subject, when I got a comment from my bloggy friend Ms. Bar B. over at A Place of Comfort. She informed me of my tagged status. So here is goes, 7 things about me.

1) Today was my first day of homeschooling my two girls 7 & 11. Since I made the decision, I've been totally scared Sh*tless about the whole thing. However the first day went extremely well. My youngest is finishing up spelling right now and the oldest is practicing piano. We covered, math, science, geography, journaling, and spelling. Not bad for a first day.

2) I have a Master's level degree in Counseling. I haven't gotten licensed because after my internship which consisted of me offering individual depression counseling, group drug abuse counseling, geriatric counseling, and acute mental health care, I decided research was the course for me. I'm in Advertising now, and I won't go into how I got there right now. I'll save that for another MeMe.

3) I make bath and body products too! Yep, soaps, scrubs (which my customers love), bath salts, oils (only for my family), bath teas. I don't sell them on etsy although I think they would sell. I only sell them at shows.

4) I've written a book. As soon as I get the money it's gonna be self-published by me ( I guess that's what they mean by self-publish) I'm gonna launch the website that helps with principles of the book too. The book is about getting into and staying in a loving and lasting relationship. BTW- my 15th wedding anniversary is Wednesday.

5) I thought about pouring a glass of wine a few times today, just because I'm home. I had to stop myself because I don't think I should be drinking wine and homeschooling:(

6) I made $10.00 at a show last night. NO! I didn't leave a zero out. I made ten dollars! The event I went to had one table seated. Signs of the times I guess. Guess what I feel really blessed to have made that. The bartender bought a bag of bath salts and the organizer bought a $5.00 pair of earrings. I went to the grocery store and spent that before I got home, so in my estimation I came out ahead.

7) I was allergic to shellfish twenty years ago and have discovered that I ain't no mo'. Don't know why, but I can eat shrimp, crabs, clams, mussels, scallops, and I am a-okay! Go figure! My sister is allergic too, but she's too chicken to give it a try today.

That was really hard. Very hard. I guess I have to tag others now. The following folks are tagged.
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nicaeli said...

I was the opposite with shellfish, I developed the allergy after years of being able to eat it. I am bummed because I especially love shrimp and crab and can't touch either one.

I think it is really cool that you can though, enjoy!:)

Dori said...

This is my first time being tagged. :-) I will be getting my seven things up today hopefully. Now I just have to think of my seven. LOL. I loved learning more about you with your seven.

Dori said...

I've put up my seven. Thanks for tagging me. :-)

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Shrimp was one of my favorite 'cheat-foods' before I went all out veg. I'm glad you can enjoy them, somebody has to lol...As for homeschooling and wine, I think (and have had) a cocktail with music and/or art. It is certainly acceptable and encouraged even. It helps your ideas to flow more freely *giggles*

fly tie said...

wow. you're one phenomenal lady with all that going on.