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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Warding Off Evil Spirits!

Turquoise is a stone used to ward off evil spirits and to find spiritual peace. I remember I worked a job that was totally hellacious for me and I wore turquoise everyday to ward off crazy mofos negative energy. Although I don't wear it regularly as I did back then, I still have a strong love for turquoise.

Who among us wouldn't want to find our inner spiritual balance clicking across the floor in these.

As I am posting, I am realizing I probably need to start wearing my turquoise more regularly to ward off debate, bail out rescue, recession, depression, pundit, bill collector auto dial of course, they aren't calling me, they are only calling you , Bushit, Bristol's baby, and angry N*word rants on blogs, radio, and T.V. WTH! What's really going on!

Anyway, please don't get caught up in my rant. Just focus on the beautiful turquoise.

Here is some intriguing Yellow Turquoise. Are you feeling the wave of peace coming across you. I am.

(whisper) Have a nice day and go in peace.

(Softer whisper)

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nicaeli said...

Beautiful pieces! It is funny, I am making a pendant for my sister and just happened to have a piece of turqouise that fits in with the piece. My sister needs a little extra protection from evil spirits these days, I hope this new pendant will help:)

Thanks for tagging me by the way:)

fly tie said...

lol @ the commentary accompanying the pics.

those are some lovely pieces. the shoes are absolutely beautiful.

(by the way...thanks for the info on the potential style show in atl. i was actually planning to be out there the second weekend of nov., so if she does it then, i'll be right on time)

Kiss my black ads said...

Well, rock on wit ya bad self!

Ms. Bar B: said...

Beautiful pieces. Does turquoise come in liquid form?? I'd like to douse a few folks (myself included).

Yolanda said...

I have to admit I've never been a huge fan of turqoise but these gorgeous pieces have certainly changed my mind.

Anonymous said...

Holly bug squashing strappy shoes!