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Monday, October 20, 2008

Homage to my Libra Ladies

This is the end of the Libra season, so it's time for their tribute. I love Libra ladies. They are so intriguing and fun to be around. They are loving and charming. They can be the most well-balanced, wise, and sagacious people around. In contrast, if the scales tip in the lives of these ladies they can be the most-tunneled vision and irrational individuals that I've ever seen walk this earth. Once they start walking to the beat of their own drum, there is no stopping them! Believe me I've tried. They are very imaginative some would say they tell whoppers . I Love this about them too!

One thing you definitely don't want is for a Libra woman to get a hold of your man because you may never get him back. Men that love Libra women, love them and love them, and love them some more. They can't get rid of these men. I don't know what they do, but they make men fall deeply in love. My two favorite Libras in the whole wide world are my close friends Kim and Shuntay. Here is Shuntay's 40th Birthday celebration (Shuntay is wearing the sexy attire) and Kim somewhere out in the world doing her thing. I also have a new Libra in my life, my sister-in-law. I've only met her twice, but can tell she'll be one of those ladies I'll want to hang close with if we're ever in the same city for longer than 24 hours.

Here are some image of famous Libras.

This is Miro Sorvino.

Here is Christina Milian.

This is Brigitte Bardot, she I think is living in a constant state of imbalance. She has been arrested 5 times for inciting racial hatred. We may all remember her as a knock out actress and model, but she is making herself known for being homophobic and a bigot. This is a clear example of walking to the beat of one's own drum -- in a really bad way!!!

Here is Rita Hayworth, a classic beauty. I love old Hollywood, so you'll see me reference it quite often here.

Here is Ashlee Simpson, she told quite a whopper when she said she wasn't pregnant when she got married, and about a week or so later had to it admit it. Why, why, why tell a lie you can get caught in.

Here is John Travolta's wife, Kelly Preston. She is one of those Libra's that can make her man stay deeply in love. She and Travolta have been married for about 17 years. And despite Oprah's repeated attempts to pry the man from Kelly's grasp they are very happy-- I think. I don't know them personally, and even then I still wouldn't know.

Finally here is Kate Winslet. She is a woman confident and wise enough to tell the film industry that she will still work and be incredibly alluring even if she isn't the size of one of the Olson twins.

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T.Allen-Mercado said...

This is like my dose of celeb gossip condensed! Oprah and John Travolta...*giggles* nah...never happen! Brigitte Bardot is awful crazy, eh? Poor thing!

MyBrownBaby said...

Yay for Libras! We are the most balanced, sweet, honorable people I know (okay, so I'm biased... a little...). Thanks for the shout-out, and glad to see I'm in good company!

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

I agree with T. condensed celeb gossip - yes! Looks like part of the allure of Libra women is their beauty.

Dori said...

I love old Hollywood too...fabulous fashion! And here's to the Libra ladies.

Ms. Bar B: said...

I love Kate to pieces. Gotta love a woman who embraces being a healthy weight. Not every woman wants to spend their whole life being afraid of a sandwich or two.

And you are soo right about those darn Libras. My bff is one and, um... yeah, lol. That's all I can say.

And about Oprah... right on, lol.

fly tie said...

lol @ oprah comment.

i love those pics of your friends. so fun and happy.

now move over libras...scorpios coming through, lol! :-)

Anonymous said...

i do appreciate the dedication. I'm a libra, just turned 30 and I'm loving a libra...can anyone say LIBRA? : D

God bless

Anonymous said...

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