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Friday, October 31, 2008

It's Time for the Halloween Trek

It got here so fast! I guess I wasn't paying enough attention. Anyway, tonight I search for dark chocolate razor blades in candy bags, but not before walking through the ritzy subdivisions to get upscale candy. We live on a regular street with grumpy elderly folks who keep their lights off on Halloween, so we have to drive to a location and then get out and walk.

I've got to start getting my mind right for candy wars, blow ups, and meltdowns every day and night until Christmas. (The girls are only allowed two pieces a day, so lots of drama behind that.)

Happy Halloween!


Amithigirl said...

Oh, they are adorable:) Happy Halloween.

*Tanyetta* said...

look at them! they are ready for the world ;) enjoy halloween. we must live on the same street. we have to go elsewhere for halloween fun too!

Thyme2dream said...

they are so cute!! good luck with the candy wars...I dont miss THAT part of halloween (three hyper boys...eeek!)

Barbara said...

Work It girls!!

That sucks that you guys have to make a real effort to get candy. You'd think the old folks would actually be happy to be getting some visiters, lol.

Unknown said...

ha! that first paragraph cacks me up. reminds me of some of my trick or treating days. although there was one elderly couple who gave out whole, full sized candy bars. of course we were loving that.

beautiful girls and fun photos.

Unknown said...

They look great. I didn't have any trick or treaters in my neighborhood. When Mekhi is old enough I will probably take him to Publix where they have a function or to the mall.

T.Allen said...

Haha! They are working their ensembles! We live in an area with lots of young families and plenty of children(part of the real estate boom)so it's fun times all around.

Do your girls opt for little boxes of Nerds and Dots to savor the candy rations? Mine does-plus she had to divide it 1/3 for the older brother who handed out candy while hubs and I traipsed her around sipping Pinot Grigio from a water bottle!

Mr. Rush said...

2 Beautiful young ladies!

Unknown said...

Thems some good lookin kids! The daddy must be Hot! Go 'head girl!