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Thursday, October 2, 2008

October Giveaway!

Here are the rules for winning the earrings above:

1) Go to my etsy store and look around
2) Leave a comment here telling me what you like, and what you don't like (honesty please, I'm trying to grow)
3) I will be posting new things daily, so you can leave as many post as you like.
4) I will have one of my daughters to pull on Oct 31 before Trick or Treat!


Tia's Real Talk said...

I love your takin orders?

KPP said...

I like the Extra Long Polymer clay lavender earrings. For a critique, you might want to add widths for your wider earrings and add cm for your non-US customers.

quitecontrary1977 said...

The sapphire polymer clay earrings- They are stunning! Not much in the way of critque. I suggest you list more items. People like to buy from full shops!

Melissa said...

Hello, I checked out your store, and I cant say there was anything I didnt like. I especially like the 3 pairs of polymer clay earrings, the lavendar and mauve especially. I also loved the handmade lampwork beads. I dont do alot with beads, but for some reason am drawn to them.

Rambler said...

I love everything on your Etsy, I think that they are all good and creative designs. My fav would be Wire wrapped Mother of Pearl. Personally I would like to see more varieties for bracelets as well. :)

Mekhismom said...

I love the double hoop mother of pearl. Honestly I didn't see anything that I don't like.

Digital Misfit said...

You have some wonderful pieces. My favorite would be the Lava Rock and Glass earrings - they have an edgy industrial quality to them.

For critiques, I would suggest playing with photography more. Use all 5 photo spots per item, getting some closeups, dangle shots and full pics. If you dont have a lightbox, try photographing the pieces outdoors, perhaps on some weathered wood or a large rock for visual interest.
Use all 14 of the tags! Dont forget to tag by color. People who are making treasuries often search by color, so in the lava rock earrings, for example, you should add black grey white silver to your tag list. Dont forget to add sterling silver to that tag list too - having quality earwires makes a big difference!

Best of luck on the shop!

Jewelry Rockstar said...

I am loving all the compliments and ADVICE that I am getting from you. I am making changes as I get the feedback in.



Meekiyu said...

I love your items it has a certain flair to them that I can't quite put my finger on which is a good thing =D... your pictures are great but make sure you put more pictures of them.. all 5... considering they're in such interesting shapes and sizes it should be easy to move and take very unique pictures of them at different angles... you need to fill out the policy page =D... also you have such a vibrant personality that i feel from this site and from your work... have your descriptions reflect that inner passion... hmm this turned out to be a critique but lolol... hope this helps!

Craig Brimm said...

Honey can I win too???

Ms. Bar B: said...

I have to say that I am in love with the following:

Multi-layer lampwork Mother of Pearl Bracelet

Extra Long Blue Dangle Wire Wrapped Cowry lampwork Beads


Sapphire Polymer Clay Square Dangle Earrings

I can't honestly say that you have a piece in your store that I don't like for the simple fact that they are all created so differently and uniquely. Do I have favs? Yes. Would I find something to where with all of the pieces? Yes, lol.

Diana Dang said...

I love Extra Long Polymer clay lavender earrings. All are very nice but maybe try something that targets a younger audience? Haha, cause I am in high school and most of those would not really suit me. Though I would love a chance to win these lovely earrings!

Elizabeth Harper said...

I really like your designs!

My only thought for me and my own look is that most of the earrings are too long for me even those I wear mostly longish dangling earrings.

I would prefer that some of those that are made using the larger beads, have one bead less. The design is lovely, but for practical purposes, the length of some of my favorites would put them inside my collar.

only1golda said...

My first time on your site and all I can say is WOW! You got talent lady. I love all the glass pieces, I am into glass right now. Also love the dangling earings because these are pieces that I usually don't where. I loved to see some big round hoops and some sets, if you don't already have those.

Jennifer said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVe all of your polymer clay pieces especially the long pink ones...they seem to match the energy I get from you on your blog. I think I'd like to see more of that energy in your descriptions. Like the turqouise post how you talked about the symbolism in a fun way, I'd love to see more of that :-)

Thyme2dream said...

I love all of your polymer clay earrings...I also like that you took a model photo of the really big ones...even though you noted the size and even though I try to read descriptions well, I probably would have missed that they were so gloriously large:)