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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Who's That Tat?

It's time for a little guess who's body part, uh well art as it were. I personally am not interested in tattoos, but I respect that others love them and wear them as an expression of their individuality. Ready to play, here we go!

In ATL she caught a case, and the media tried to say she had a habit she couldn't manage and she's throwing her life away. A certain rapper got her a license right in the middle of dating a certain short sleezy acting rapper. That Rapper chick still thinks she was the one, because she didn't get the memo that if a man gets married on you he really thinks nothing of you

These two got cute wedding ring tats that everyone speculated about because they wouldn't show their real rings until they were good and ready.

This is a matching tattoo to match his Young Love's Tattoo.

This is the Young Love I spoke of, although I think she's a little older than him.

We watched this woman transform from a thug-like rapstress to a pretty, feminine, fashion designer and actress.

This woman invites you to look through the window of her love and life through her music.

She parlayed a mediocre pop career I am aware they sold albums and stuff, but it was still mediocre at best into a rich sports wife persona.

She falls into the "I don't really have any talent, but I am famous because of my parents" category.

Some one needs to tell dude that he's into his 40's now, it's time to grow up and make adult music. Just saying...

These were probably done while she was high on crack.

Her inability to choose Obama over McCain brought Roseanne Barr out of hiding to straight tell her a$$ off about pretending to care about the world, but not knowing which candidate would be best for the world and her very own adopted daughter. Oh yeah and she's a husband thief too.

Faith Evans
Jay-z & Beyonce
Chris Brown
Mary J. Blige
Victoria Beckham
Kelly Osburne
Jamie Foxx
Amy Winehouse
Angelina Jolie

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Evolution

In everything I do I am constantly trying to evolve. I try to evolve spiritually, intellectually, and physically. I believe that I will evolve and evolve and evolve until one day I'll transition away from here and find out what's on the other side. In my design work I strive to evolve as well. I originally started with fashion design over twenty years ago. I put down sewing and fashion design about 12 years ago. I never thought of it before, but I guess it was because I began my serious studies in behavioral and research design. I got heavy into Statistics and Human Behavior, and believe or not there is a good deal of design that goes into that.

Well, after several years of Research Design, I started Jewelry Design, and Bath and Body Product development (I know I don't talk much about my Bath and Body Products here, but gift and sell them too.) I later I joined my husband and started assisting him with Advertising Design. However, as you know I've not put down Jewelry Design and don't plan too. Really Jewelry Design caught my interest many years before I began. I went on a College tour at The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC back in 1988, when they mentioned their Jewelry Design Program, I began to feel disloyal toward Fashion Design. Eventually, my college life took me to one year of Fashion Design, then a BA in Psychology and a MS in Professional Counseling, and an almost MS in Educational Research. Through it all I came back to Jewelry Design, and I don't see myself ever leaving.

I started in about 2002 at Michaels. Here is what the beginning designs looked like. I mostly sold them to women at my office.

I used little cheap plastic beads, colored wire, and gold-plated earwires.

Eventually I moved to all Sterling Silver wire and earwire.

Repurposed beads, lampwork beads, mother of peal beads and other natural stones.

I am now into polymer clay, plastic, and seed bead designs. Soon I'll be moving into Precious Metal Clay and who knows where I'll go from there.

The thing about evolution is that it is a slow and steady process. Sometimes, I look at my work and feel like I should be so much further, but then I look back I see how far I've come and feel energized to keep keeping on.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Healing Love: Peridot

Peridot is my birthstone. It is said to be a healing stone for love relationships. It's a green stone that's said to heal that little green monster that rears it's head in relationships. Jealousy and anger. Grrrl... Peridot increases confidence and self-assuredness. It is known as a friendly stone. It will also help us to visualize the epitome of our physical health and help us to see why we were put on this earth. January is an excellent time to pick some up since we think about our physical health and getting our lives together more in this month than in other months. However, I read you shouldn't use Peridot if you are confused or afraid, as it brings toxins to the surface.

I've asked my husband to buy me a Peridot the next time he gets me a wedding ring because I am done with Diamonds. I have nothing against Diamonds per se, it's the manner in which they are obtained that bothers me. If I had known at the time that people in Africa were losing their lives and limbs over Diamonds, I wouldn't have one now. I know, I know, I know they say there is a such thing as conflict-free diamond, but I don't buy it. Apparently, Oprah and Ludacris have something in common, despite their public snubbing and criticism of one another, it's Diamonds.

He wears a Diamond encrusted Africa Pendant (yes, I am aware of the irony)

and she wears the biggest pair of diamond studs, dangles,and hoops she can find. Not to worry though, I am sure they are both making sure they are wearing "conflict-free Diamonds."

(Stepping off the soap box, and getting back on the subject). Anyway, if you want to some healing in your love live, some more confidence or if you were born in August, give Peridot a try. It's a friendly stone!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Capricorn Women's Nod!

The Capricorn season has been over for a few days, and I missed their tribute. Here is it is. Capricorn women are hard workers, savvy, and forever moving toward a higher goal. I worked a job where all the Execs were Capricorns, and they were annoying. They thought that people who stayed at the office until 9 pm were the only real workers (even if they futzed around all day and had no choice but to stay all night to get their work done). The word Capricorn signifies their capricious nature. From day to day, you never knew whether you were on their sh*t list or in their good graces. I can say that they were all very very ambitious and were great business people.

I am so happy Michelle Obama came along or else I wouldn't have any Capricorns that I truly like. In my research I also found out Mary J. Blige is a Capricorn too, so I think I need to get to know them better because I like MJB, a lot too. Here are the famous Capri women.

This is a fattened up pic of Kate Moss, yes I said fattened up!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy King Day!

I am in D.C. today! I'm going to the inauguration in the morning. Tonight we are going to partying at my Godbrother's Inauguration Party!!!! We did it, and now it's time to celebrate.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Get Your Sh*t Together!

I am exposed to so much talent and human potential! Especially living here in Atlanta, where folks migrate to re-create themselves. I get to see and hear, so many artists, musicians, entrepreneurs with super creative ideas. I love what I see! What I hate though is when I see potential lost because folks don't have their Sh*t together. I have a motto I share with a friend If you stay ready, ain't got to get ready.

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You don't know how many times I've had talented individuals to wander into my office (you know in my other life as an Ad Agency Manager) asking for a job, a partnership, help with a computer, model representation, artist representation, services for a pittance, etc, etc. It's tiring because I love to help people. I can't stand it when people don't want to help themselves and pull me into some crazy bull unworkable situation. I've seen it all with very very creative folks. They over charge for greasy, crinkled-up, dirty artwork that isn't ready for selling. They may come in with a hand-drawn portfolio, looking for a job that is primarily creating digital art. It just goes on and on. Today, I am taking a stand and calling folks on the carpet. Stop the bull! Be professional! Know when you have contacted an individual too much with nonsense. Think people! Think!

I had one person who was a Jewelry Designer to write me every week to put her work in an ad. When I finally got the opportunity to get her Jewelry in an Ad that would be placed in Nationally and Internationally distributed publications, she insisted she accompany her Jewelry to NYC from ATL for the shoot. Uh, No! You have to recognize when you have an opportunity, and run with it! Stylist borrow items all the time. The owners don't follow the stuff across the country.

People! Put action to your ideas! Find out what you don't know! Make up your mind, and move forward! Don't blame others for your failure to plan, prepare, and execute! God will never ask others why you didn't do what YOU were supposed to. Spirit will only ask YOU! I know this is way off topic from my usual posts, but lately I've been having to let folks go who don't have their sh*t straight. Really, I don't even really pick them up because I cannot tolerate folks dragging their heals.

I am not asking anyone to be perfect. Not at all. I just want my people to recognize that natural given talent doesn't end there. It works if you work it!

Here's my advice to talented artists and entrepreneurs;

1) Get your Rest.
2) Put the Weed down!
3) Ask God which direction you should take, each day.
4) Meditate.
5) Work, work, work, & work.
6) Follow-up & follow through.
7) Have some kind of organization system, even if it's disorganized.
8) Read, Read, Read! Don't let the saying be true that "if you want to hide something from SOME folks, put it in a book"

I love you all, and I want all of the ideas God has given us to come to fruition. They don't have to be mega-million ideas, but they are meant to touch someone. Make it happen.

Disclaimer: If you have recently dealt with me and have wasted my time and energy, don't assume I'm talking about you. Don't assume I'm not talking about you either.

Vent over! Whew!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Fully Fabulous!

In a world filled with stick boney, there are some who are not afraid to be full-figured, fit, and fantastic! I want to salute these beautiful women. I am always awe-struck when I see women who are confident, stylish, and dignified, when society tells them they have not right to be.

This is the daughter of Beverly Johnson, Anansa. She is a model in her own right and is represented by the Wilhelmina Modeling Agency.

This is Emme the first plus-size Supermodel.

One of my absolute favorites is Toccara! Here are images of her in the Vogue Italia July 2008, otherwise known as the twice printed sold out Black Vogue! I am still kicking myself that I didn't get my copy, although I've seen them on ebay for $59.00.

And of course, the Queen of looking full and fresh, is Queen Latifah. This lady always looks impeccable!

America's Next Top Model, has stepped into the world we live in and has finally chosen a plus size winner.

So the next time you want to feel sad about being a normal sized woman, remember these ladies! Go ahead, take a stroll, eat a donut, get some small free weights, don't forget the mac 'n cheese, and keep it full, fit, and unforgettable.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Well I tried, but God is a Hard Act to Follow

Here are some of my first attempts at making jewelry that is inspired by nature...

I tried to capture the multi-colored designs I saw in Orchids. I'm obviously still working at it.

I tried to capture the texture I saw all around me.

I don't feel like I've even scratched the surface of what I saw at my trip to botanical gardens, but I am going to keep trying.