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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm Not Out Of the Game

I'm mostly just hot, tired and grumpy. I realize I've only blogged about twice in July. I've been doing other things like fussing folks out on FB, comcast's forum and twitter (told you I'm grumpy). Over what you might ask? I dunno Obama's citizenship, Gates' arrest, and Obama's subsequent comments, whether conversate is a word or not., whether you need to divorce to be a happy woman. Stupid stuff. These are real subjects I have voiced my opinion on. Just finding someone else to be crabby with besides my family.

Pregnancy is going well. Lately I've been losing weight instead of gaining. My doctor won't mind, she gave me a side eye about my weight last visit. I'm drinking green shakes and going to the pool several times per week. Baby is kicking, but overall I can tell he's gonna be very laid back. When I mentioned something about him kicking because he was hungry my eight year old said in astonishment "Oh he's alive in there." It was really hilarious.

I do have two surprises for you though. I can't reveal just yet. My husband and I are working on them. They'll be ready soon.

Oh yeah, I've started my countdown to 40 years old. I have about 20 days to go.

Sorry I don't have anything enlightening to report. I wanted you to know that I'm still here.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cancers Ladies Really Feel It!

It's the end of the Cancer season, and it's time for my tribute. I have Cancers all around me, so I know them pretty well. My dad is a Cancer, my step-dad is a Cancer, my two sisters are Cancers, my father-in-law is a Cancer. I have a bunch of Cancers around me, and they are fun.

Because Cancers love, love, love emotions, they are the funniest people I know. I find myself laughing at something a Cancer said to me (in all seriousness I might add) years and years later. They have a perspective on life that evokes hilarity. I mean they really crack me up. On the flip side of that, they also have a side of them that evokes anger, especially the ones born in July. July Cancers can be true crabs, in that they like to stir up sh*t. They take pleasure in getting a bunch of drama created among others, and stepping back to see emotional reactions fly. Once in awhile I fall victim to this kind of drama mostly at the hands of my oldest sister, one of my best friends. I call her the "sh*t stirrer" because she gets crabby (when she's not making me laugh), and starts carrying stories back and forth, telling small lies, and causing all kinds of drama. In the end, I usually laugh at her and myself for allowing myself to be tricked into some mess once again.

Cancers love things to stay the same. Status quo all the way for them. They like to cook and eat the same things, stay in the same place, keep the same friends, and work the same job. They are loyal to whatever they start, and it takes a lot to pry them away from it. They also collect wonderful little things, and find it very difficult to let them go.

Because Cancers love emotions so much they are very creative. They are also extremely intuitive and deep. If you are looking for the answer to a interpersonal situation, a Cancer can help you see the light. Their emotional leanings can also cause them to become, so sad that it resembles clinical depression. The only thing that makes their sadness different from clinical depression, is that another emotion like anger or extreme happiness or some other drama scene can lift them from their sadness instantaneously. They move on to the next emotion as though they were never ever sad. On to the next emotional adventure.

I have an extremely deep bloggy friend Tameka, over at Tea and Honey Bread. She is one of the most gifted writers I've met. I Just love her writing and her point of view. Please go over and check her out, you will not be disappointed. Happy Birthday Tameka!

Here are some famous Cancers.

Carly Simon is a very gifted songwriter. I am sure her ability to feel emotions stronger than the rest of us made her such a successful writer.

Michelle Kwan is an accomplished Ice Skater.

Lil' Kim, Lil' Kim, Lil' Kim...

Cyndi Lauper a famous singer. She came on the scene about the same time as Madonna.

Jessica Simpson, actress, singer and songwriter. She has been photographed on more than one occasion crying or arguing with a boyfriend.

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Help us mourn, Smoky Quartz

Someone said to me the other day that" America is in mourning" and it really resonated with my soul. We are mourning. Of course the biggest and most devastating loss for many Americans and much of the world right now is the loss of Michael Jackson. However, we were in mourning before he transitioned. No, I don't mean Farrah Fawcett or Ed McMahon, although they were terrible losses for America as well. I don't even mean the most recent death of Steve McNair, the football player who was caught dead in the middle of an affair with a 20 -year old. Although personally, I am mourning the loss of a father for those children, and the loss of the 20-year old's life. I wish her youth had not stood in the way of her realizing that he was probably the type of man that would just move on to the next chick, and that he wasn't worth her life.

Although all of those are great losses, we have been in mourning for about a year I think, if not longer. We are at war. We have lost jobs. We have lost homes. We have lost retirement funds. For some who have been struck by natural disasters, we have lost stability. When we look at the music, media, and movies in America, it seems we have lost our dignity.
We haven't lost our souls, our spirits, and our divinity.

We can regain everything we've lost and more. First, we have to properly mourn. We need to acknowledge that we are mourning, feel the pain, and then release what's been lost. Smoky quartz is a stone that can help us do that. That's what Ancient Romans believed. Even if you aren't mourning, you are coming into contact with people who are on a daily basis. Smoky Quartz can help to absorb the negative emotions they are giving off.

One more thing that smoky quarts does that is good for me too. It helps with back pain, which as nearly 40 year old preggo woman I am experiencing a lot of. It's a good thing I have an adjustable smoky quarts ring if it wasn't adjustable, me fatty fingers wouldn't be able to wear it until sometime after the end of October, hehehe.

If you believe in the spiritual properties of crystals, go out and pick up some smoky quartz. I think we could all use some.