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Friday, October 31, 2008

Giveaway Winner

The New Alternate Winner for the October giveaway is ...... Drum roll please. Digital Misfit Congrats I'l be contacting you to get your address.

It's Time for the Halloween Trek

It got here so fast! I guess I wasn't paying enough attention. Anyway, tonight I search for dark chocolate razor blades in candy bags, but not before walking through the ritzy subdivisions to get upscale candy. We live on a regular street with grumpy elderly folks who keep their lights off on Halloween, so we have to drive to a location and then get out and walk.

I've got to start getting my mind right for candy wars, blow ups, and meltdowns every day and night until Christmas. (The girls are only allowed two pieces a day, so lots of drama behind that.)

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Control Freaks, Please Consider Jewelry Design!

I have gotten into bed with a real control freak, and I'm not talking about my husband. In an effort to be honest and an un-deadbeat, I have lent out my services to someone who is a real control monster! It's really annoying. I'm trying to keep my cool because people who try to control things they have no business trying to control are real problems. If you are one of those people or you know someone like this, please consider Jewelry Design. Here's why:

1) You can bend wire into swirly whirls without hurting or offending anyone. Hey it's wire, it's meant to be bent, people are not! You may not be able to make the kids and hubby bend to your will, but dammit the wire MUST!

See the swirl on these bad boys, I really twisted them and bent them to my will

2) You can dismantle a jewelry piece that you feel is just not right, doesn't do what it's supposed to, or in your opinion is just plain ole' tired. That tiger bead above was a part of an thrift shop necklace, hated the necklace and I knew I could make something better! I imagined that it came from an elderly lady's collection. Ha! How about that old lady!

I bent these and harangued them into these circles, as much as I tried I was never completely happy with the shape.

3) You can, as a matter of fact you are supposed beat the hell out of polymer clay, so that it's pliable and easier to work with. Break it down, change it's color, cut it down, shape it, heat it up, mold it, make deep impressions on it-- that's what it's for. Remember it's clay, I wouldn't do this to a human or else you make you may end up with a black eye .

I cut these down to size, plus I had to pinch the circle ring closed because it couldn't keep it's mouth closed!

4) Don't forget to trim it, hang it, measure it and compare your jewelry to others. Talk all about how it could be better, how next time you'll make sure it is perfect, how you wish you had never made it, and each time manipulate, and manipulate until you think you have a full representation of your will. It's jewelry, it is perfectly safe to control it in this way.

I honestly hated both of these earrings. I hated the beads, they never turned out to be what I had envisioned when I was pregnant with the idea. Amazingly, they both sold! I never quite understood what value the buyers saw in them. Oh well, whatever--at least they are out of my hair.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don't do any of these things to people because you will lose every time.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Pause to Mourn

I don't just understand why why why these people were murdered. I am really sad. Not because it was Jennifer Hudson's family, but because I just can't understand how a human can forget the humanity and divinity of another to murder. I feel most bad for Jennifer's sister because they believe someone she loved murdered her family. Her mother, her brother and her son! What is it all about? What toxicity has overtaken the individual who did this?

I guess I can't say much more. I was just completely devastated when they found little Julian King murdered by gunshot wounds. There are just too many a**holes in the world. What gives you the right to deliberately take a life?

Their souls are free, so I guess I can find some solace in that.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Henna Tattoos

When I was younger I toyed with the idea of getting a tattoo.The big craze that we see now is actually a resurgence movement that began in the early 1990's with my generation who would have been about 18 years old at the time. I say resurgence because tattooing was big in the 60's too! Well, I was too chicken to actually get a tattoo back when I was tempted, so here I am today with a clear mind and no tatts. I am happy about that because I am not in to permanency. I am still really pissed about some foolishness I wrote in my yearbook pertaining to some childish love affair. I can never take those words back, so there they sit in printed ink under my name on every 1988 ACHS graduate's shelf. Just imagine the foolishness I could have committed on my body if I had not been too scared of the needle. Would not have been good.

Hennas are the tattoos I love and admire, and they are the ones I will encourage my daughters to get if this tattoo craze continues into their young adulthood. Hennas are beautiful, decadent, ornate, and most of all TEMPORARY!!!! Just imagine one of my little daughters professing her love for "Little John" or "Spanky," instead of me giving her the sideways suspicious frown at her suggestion to add his name to her body, I can make the suggestion that his name would look so much better in the ornate henna style. Of course, not mentioning to her the benefit of it's "passing fancy status." Okay, okay, okay, I realize I have strayed way way away from the purpose of this post and have now gotten in to parental worst fears.

Here are some wonderful Henna Tattoo designs. They really are like wearing jewelry.

Wouldn't this be great to wear to the beach.

I had an Hindu Indian friend who invited me to her wedding. It was longest and prettiest ceremony I've ever seen. She had the Henna, which they call Mehndi, Party portion of the festivities a few days before the wedding. I did not get an invitation to that party though I wish I had. When wedding day came she and many other Indian women had the most beautiful henna designs on their hands and feet. and I felt like I had attended the ceremony naked and underdressed.

When doing my research for this post, I discovered that Indians are not the only culture that Henna before a wedding. Muslims, Sihk, Jewish, and other Eastern Cultures Henna as part of wedding celebrations.

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Beyonce Copy Cat Medallion Necklace

As many of you may know or at least may have gotten a strong sense, I am a big fan of Beyonce.I haven't always been. It happened around the time I saw her do this crossover crawl in her Crazy in love video. A flip just switched and I remember thinking that is a bad b*tch! Anyway, every since the flip switched I've been admiring her and this chick seems to do a whole lot right. Even the time she fell down the stairs and swiveled her head a few times and never missed a note! Incredible!!!

Well, true to my hawking Beyonce behavior. I made a pair of earrings into two medallion necklaces because I saw her wearing one on the November cover of Essence Magazine. Here's what she wore.

Here's what I made.

I know it may seem a little stalkerish to behave the way I do about Beyonce especially since I'm not a Gay man or a Lesbian either for that matter . I just like to see people do a great job at what they do! If I saw you doing your best at your accounting job, I might bite your 10 finger entry style. Beyonce is great at what she does, and I like it!

These new necklaces are available in my etsy store.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I made Three Sales on Etsy!

I know, I know some of you are probably like SO WHAT, BIG DEAL, HOE- HUM, WHATEVA. I still have to shout that I've finally sold something on etsy. I've been posting stuff up there for about 10 months, and no go. Then suddenly, I went to visit my site and noticed that I had sold three earrings the day prior. Yeah, the day prior. I didn't even know.

Here's what I attribute my sales to:

1) You wonderful people who have entered my giveaway and have given me a useful critique! I really appreciate it! I have taken your advice and have made most of those changes.

2) The seller had in the note line on paypal Afrobella. Afrobella! She's a famous blogger that many of you may know. She added me as a favorite link on her page, and I guess the buyer came from her site to mine. I really appreciate that! It helped me sooo much! I feel humbled to even be noticed by her. Thanks Afrobella for the acknowledgement!

3) Positive Thinking! I really believed I could and I put my mind to it. I stopped complaining and I put my mind an energy to selling in this arena.

Last night while watching, laughing at and IMing about the The Real Witches Housewives of Atlanta. I posted new items on etsy. I am committed to adding a little bit everyday to get noticed.

Here are my new pieces.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Homage to my Libra Ladies

This is the end of the Libra season, so it's time for their tribute. I love Libra ladies. They are so intriguing and fun to be around. They are loving and charming. They can be the most well-balanced, wise, and sagacious people around. In contrast, if the scales tip in the lives of these ladies they can be the most-tunneled vision and irrational individuals that I've ever seen walk this earth. Once they start walking to the beat of their own drum, there is no stopping them! Believe me I've tried. They are very imaginative some would say they tell whoppers . I Love this about them too!

One thing you definitely don't want is for a Libra woman to get a hold of your man because you may never get him back. Men that love Libra women, love them and love them, and love them some more. They can't get rid of these men. I don't know what they do, but they make men fall deeply in love. My two favorite Libras in the whole wide world are my close friends Kim and Shuntay. Here is Shuntay's 40th Birthday celebration (Shuntay is wearing the sexy attire) and Kim somewhere out in the world doing her thing. I also have a new Libra in my life, my sister-in-law. I've only met her twice, but can tell she'll be one of those ladies I'll want to hang close with if we're ever in the same city for longer than 24 hours.

Here are some image of famous Libras.

This is Miro Sorvino.

Here is Christina Milian.

This is Brigitte Bardot, she I think is living in a constant state of imbalance. She has been arrested 5 times for inciting racial hatred. We may all remember her as a knock out actress and model, but she is making herself known for being homophobic and a bigot. This is a clear example of walking to the beat of one's own drum -- in a really bad way!!!

Here is Rita Hayworth, a classic beauty. I love old Hollywood, so you'll see me reference it quite often here.

Here is Ashlee Simpson, she told quite a whopper when she said she wasn't pregnant when she got married, and about a week or so later had to it admit it. Why, why, why tell a lie you can get caught in.

Here is John Travolta's wife, Kelly Preston. She is one of those Libra's that can make her man stay deeply in love. She and Travolta have been married for about 17 years. And despite Oprah's repeated attempts to pry the man from Kelly's grasp they are very happy-- I think. I don't know them personally, and even then I still wouldn't know.

Finally here is Kate Winslet. She is a woman confident and wise enough to tell the film industry that she will still work and be incredibly alluring even if she isn't the size of one of the Olson twins.

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This blog is down for the people!

My bloggy buddy and excellent writer, Denene , over at My Brown Baby knighted me, medaled me, queened me, crowned me honored me with a wonderful award. I am very, very appreciative since she is such an esteemed writer and blogger. You have to go over and read her article about Black love and marriage at the The Root . It has sparked quite a lot of discussion and even a little debate (I don't know why we are just trying to love each other).

Thanks so much Denene, I really do feel very honored and humbled by this award. For those of you who are wondering what the words mean, I looked it up. It's written in Portuguese. Here's what it means... "This Blog invests and believes in the Neighborhood." Now, if there is some colloquialism that I am not aware of, I would love for someone to fill me in. For now I am going to translate the meaning into "This blog is down for the people."

So in the spirit of being "...down for the people," I am now going to award bloggers who I think embody the saying.

Fake Steve Ballmer
Pass The Laughter
Home Jewelry Business Blog
A Place of Comfort

Don't forget to enter my giveaway, it ends October 31st.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Windows to the Soul

Eyes. We use them for seeing things in our world. My bloggy girlfriend and I over at Tea n Honey Bread use our eyes in a common way. We use them to watch people, their actions, their reactions, their emotions, and the meaning behind their words. Eyes really are the windows to the soul. I have vivid memories of joyful eyes that show limitless elation. I can even remember looking into the eyes of famous celebrities photographed for magazines after they have had a recent announcement of some sad news like divorce or some kind of loss and being able to see the deep sadness underneath their plastered smile and makeup. Eyes don't lie.

Here's a little game we'll play today. It's called name those eyes. I'll give you a hint, and you try to get them right. Don't worry I'll post the answers at the end.

Her character said these words in this movie back in 1993. "Except my name. I'll give up all that other stuff, but only if I get to keep my name. I've worked to hard for it, your honor."

She has played a good wife opposite Jamie Fox, and a cheating lesbian fiancee in one of Spike Lee's Movies.

She is marrying her drummer who I honestly thought was her gay hairdresser when I saw them together in Atlanta , after divorcing the man we all thought still think was her one true love.

She used a bat to bust out windows the of his car before Jazmine Sullivan .

She can smoke ten tons of crack, and come back to look like an innocent beautiful princess.

She has moved on from that sexual addict and had a bundle of joy with the finest white man I have ever seen in my life.

She doesn't like wire hangers, and you don't want to know what she'll do if you put her clothes on one. Hint: This is not Faye Dunaway!

She "greases her hair and it still won't grow" (non-African Americans please ask your Black friend about this) and she "breaks up with him before her dumps her."

She takes a tweezer to her eyes whenever she gets two cents to give a doctor for the surgery. I think she has her daughter doing it too!

Young men, old men, rich men especially Berry Gordy , poor men, melt if she bats her lashes at them.

Some people think her name is Tiffany because of the movie she played in.

She got married on April 4th some say to a rich Joe Camel , and then wouldn't even show future brides her gown so that they could copy.

I heard some lady whose husband she stole screaming and laughing "karma! karma!" when she didn't get any of her father's inheritance.

She's on the D List. I wonder why?

Thanks for playing along. Remember it's all in fun...

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Here are the answers:

Angela Bassett
Kerry Washington
Jill Scott
Carrie Underwood
Whitney Houston
Halle Berry
Joan Crawford
Missy Elliott
Joan Rivers
Diana Ross
Audrey Hepburn
Beyonce Knowles
Tory Spelling
Kathy Griffin