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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Festival & Show Season

Well, I am out a little early this year working festivals and shows. My first one was a total bust! I didn't even make my booth fee:( The one shown in the pic was pretty good for me. The event didn't have many people there, but they were my target market, which is key!!!! I think it's going to be a good year because I feel committed to working more this year. Here's a secret to finding shows and festivals, CRAIGSLIST!!!!! I found the last three out of four shows on there.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Indian Beads Are Perfect For Jewelry Making

I have actually bought a bunch of beads from India wholesale. It cost me about $700 ( shipping included). I have had the beads for about two years making lots and lots of great jewelry. Plus, I sold some of the beads on ebay! Here are some of my designs with Indian Beads. This article below gives more detail!

By []Himanshu A.

India has a vast diversity and abundance of handicraft source. It is one of the worlds biggest producer of handmade products, still India is a labor based country, and still Indian product has signature of its makers.

In the field of jewelry India has its own unique class. Its designs are magnificent and classical. Beads contribute a vital part of jewelry market in India and they are admired through out the world.

India produces variety of beads such as glass beads, wood beads, clay beads, horn beads, metal beads, ceramic beads, lac beads and many more. Crystal beads are very popular due to their transparent and clear nature which makes them shine with any type of accessories. Indian handmade beads are one of the most demanded beads in the world. The majestic handwork of the Indian expert craftsman has made these beads very popular all around. Lac beads are generally handmade and are greatly admired by people all over the world for its exclusive handwork.

Glass beads occupy the biggest bead market in India and are available in variety of colors, designs and shapes. Indian glass beads are exported in all countries as they are cheaper and have great finish. Wood beads are also available in abundance, carved wood beads and painted wood beads are the two main streams under which wood is processed to make beads. Although ceramic beads don’t have as big market as glass or wood beads but it has a great potential. The shiny finish of ceramic beads makes them very attractive.

The main thing which has lead to the extensive spread of the Indian bead market is the fact that every buyer (whether it be a small shopkeeper or a wholesale businessman) can satisfy his needs of beads through the Indian market. Normally people dealing in []wholesale beads keep a great variety of beads under a single roof which makes it easy for the buyer.

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