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Monday, June 23, 2008

Disappointing Weekend

I was scheduled to go out on Saturday to set up at a Juneteeth Celebration. I was a little put off by the booth fee because the vendor and handmade market hasn't been great lately. I actually wrote the organizer and asked for a fee reduction, but she turned me down. Anyway, I decided to go out for regular price, but when I awoke it was raining. I checked the forecast, and it said rain was expected. I decided to stay at home, since I hadn't officially turned in my application or paid any fee yet. WELL, it never rained all day!!!! Needless to say, I was a little perturbed. I made a bunch of wonderful soap and earrings to sell.

Undeterred, I decided to have a yard sale on Sunday. I dragged everything to the curb, set up my tent with my sister, and made one $1.00. Why $1.00? Because IT RAINED! The forecast said no rain, but guess what it rained. LOL!!!

So now I'm a little salty because my plans for the weekend were foiled.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Jewelry Making Findings Can Make Or Break A Jewelry Project

Jewelry Making Findings Can Make Or Break A Jewelry Project
By Ann Marier

Jewelry making findings are the essential pieces which make the
bead and wire a piece of jewelry. Jewelry making findings are
simply the components of any piece of jewelry; the findings
consist of clasps, head pins, ear clutches, jump rings and any
other manufactured or hand made component. Separate headings of
‘Findings” are listed in all jewelry making supply catalogs or
websites. A craft or hobby store will have the header listed in
their jewelry supply area. Jewelry making findings is a major
revenue business all by itself.

Ear Wire

Ear wires are the jewelry making findings that are used to
connect a beautiful earring body to the wearer’s ear. Ear wires
are essential when making earrings; they are generally silver,
gold and copper. There is also silver and gold plated, as well
as, gold filled. The 22 gauge is the size which is most used in
ear wires.

The ear wires are inexpensive to manufacture and are sold in
bulk. Ear wires can also be made by hand, and this could be a
way to distinguish your work from a manufactured earring. There
are many books and websites which contain instructions for
different patterns of ear wires.

Zip Lock Bags

Small zip lock bags are also considered jewelry making
findings. Plastic zip lock bags or small fabric pouches are
items which must be considered when selling your jewelry or
keeping it safe. Oils and everyday pollution will harm your
jewelry making findings and, therefore, must be kept in
containers before and after they are made into jewelry.

Sizes of these bags depend upon your necklace, bracelet and
earring projects. But jewelry making findings must always
include small bags of some capacity.


Toggle clasps, jump rings, lobster clasps, S clasps and
magnetic clasps are all examples of jewelry making findings.
These are all necessary components to make any necklace or
bracelet work. Your beads or crystals, wire or chains and clasps
is all that it takes to make a spectacular necklace or bracelet.
But your findings are absolutely essential in the making of
these necklaces and bracelets.

There are many more examples, but the ones that are listed
above are the essential pieces. When researching for jewelry
making findings, look for quality first. In jewelry making
findings you really do get more ‘bang for your buck’.

Spend a little more for your findings and your customers will
turn into repeat customers and you won’t turn into a jewelry
repair business. When all is said and done, jewelry making
findings can literally make or break your jewelry making

About the Author: Ann Mariera writes articles about family life
and health issues. Each set of articles contain useful
information and advice.Her latest set are about making jewelry
and how to get started Visit for full list of health issues


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