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Saturday, October 17, 2009

My New Baby is Here!!!!

Well, not my human baby. He's still in the womb. He's scheduled to come out Thursday. Of course, I'll keep you posted on that. I'll even be blogging all about him on someone else's blog. More to come later.

My new baby is my new Jewelry Rockstar Website. I have integrated my shop and my blog together, and I want you to visit me over there. I am sure you might have noticed that My jewelry is not on my etsy page anymore over there=>>>>>>>>>>>>> There are posters there now. I gave the etsy shop to that poster designer, and he's made more sales than me so far.

Remember I told you I had two surprises. One was Loves Gumbo, and this is the other one.

Guess what? You're over there too. I mean if you've commented over here or if I've made you one of my fav links here you are over there too. I exported all my posts with comments over to the new site. This one may get deleted in a few months because I don't need it anymore. It's over on my new site.

Anyway, I can't tell you it was easy. I've been working on it since July. I've had to learn wordpress, plus the new template. Luckily I had a great template designer who gave me lots of technical support via email and skpe.

Anyway, check me out at JEWELRYROCKSTAR.COM. I'll be over there from now on. I've changed the address on the button, so if you used it get a new one.

No offense to Blogger or Etsy, they worked fine when they did. Here's a goodbye song

Friday, October 9, 2009


Today is John Lennon's Birtday! He imagined a world of love and peace. We are still walking towards it, and I don't know how far we have to go until we reach our destination. I do know that the longer we walk more and more people join the path. Hopefully the path to peace will be crowded with those rushing to that end.

One person leading that march is President Barack Obama! He has spent many years promoting a peaceful mindset, and as President he has not changed. Politics and criticism have not deterred him from promoting peace in the world. Today he won a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to change how America thinks about the world and how the world thinks about America.

Thanks to John Lennon for a beautiful song that keeps up imagining a peaceful environment, and thanks to President Obama for working tirelessly to bring peace to our world.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Naomi Sims Paved the Way for Me

About a year before I was born Naomi Sims appeared on the cover of Ladies Home Journal, and then two months after I was born she appeared on the cover of Life Magazine. Those two magazines were not high fashion magazines like British Vogue or Harper's Bazaar , which allowed black model Donyale Luna to grace its pages for the sake of being chic.

These magazines were the kind that were weaved into the fabric of America. They were found often in everyday homes on everyday coffee tables. Her being on the cover of both of these magazines enabled me to be considered a lady. Not a black woman or black female, but a lady. That's not a title that black women enjoyed in America before women like Naomi Sims paved the way for us. I am sure black babies, black ministers, black fathers, and black brothers considered us ladies, but to mainstream America we were black women not ladies.

Naomi Sims worked extremely hard to become a model. When agencies wouldn't sign her, she went to Photographers. One of them photographed her in the New York Times Fashion Insert, and she used that shoot to parlay her career into much bigger gigs. She helped to make the Wilhelmina Agency a success by acting as her own agent and sending Wilhelmina Cooper the commission. She sent around her photo to Advertising Agencies herself, so that the Wilhelmina Agency didn't have to shoulder any expenses or any work for its commission.

She worked very hard after her modeling career as an author and business woman. You probably have all heard of her wig line. Although I hadn't really stopped to think about it, I now realize that Naomi Sims has been a role model since before I was born. I am thankful to her for that. I wish I had written this tribute before she left us, in hopes that she might have seen it. However, I am a little late she transitioned on August 3rd of this year.

It's not too late however, for me to think of her and the work she has left behind while I am doing my own work. Thank you Naomi Sims.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

What Would a Virgo Say?

Okay Virgos It's your time! Let's play the Game, What would a Virgo Say? If you don't remember how the game works. I use the same questions every month for each astrological sign. The answers are what I think that Sun sign would say based on who I think they are. I'm pretty good at this, but feel free to dispute or agree at will.

Here we go:

What would a Virgo say...

1) What Should I wear?

I don't know yet, but I am sure it must be neat, clean, the right length, the right size, the right color, and it must send the message that I've got myself together.

2) How much will I get paid?

I figure if I am working very hard I'll get paid for it. The focus has to be on getting the work done, right!

3) What did she mean by that?

Oh my! She must know about my imperfections. That is the only reason she would say something like that. She knows I am not quite right. But hey, she's not right either. Look at how messy she is, her shoes are all wrong, that man of her's needs a shave.

4) Is he looking at me?

I wonder how I look? Is my hair in place? Are these pants too short? He might want to rethink looking at me, does he think he measures up? Hmph! His pants are too short.

5) How will it get done?

I must think it through first. That's the most important thing. Have a plan. Yes, I shouldn't even do it without a good plan. Then it will be just right.

Do they need me?

They might need me, but I am not ready to do what needs to be done. I need to have a plan. Maybe I might be busy that day. I might need to do something for me that day. I can't promise things without making sure I'm okay first. If I find that I'm okay, and if I find that I feel like it, and if I have a great plan for helping them, then I can do it. Then it will be just right and then I'll work very very hard at helping them.

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Beyonce is A Class Act!

I haven't gone on and on about Beyonce on this blog lately, but she earned it last night. First, she was nominated for about 9 (I think) Video Music Awards (VMAs) last night. She won about 3 (I think). One of the awards she was nominated for was Best Female Performer. She didn't win it, Taylor Swift won. Now, personally I think Beyonce should have won because she's such a professional that I think she should be rewarded for walking. However, Taylor Swift won. Taylor Swift is a little talentless, and she will probably be a flash in the pan in the entertainment industry, but last night was her moment in the sun. It was her time to shine! She won an VMA, and she is mostly a Country singer. It was a big deal to her and her fans I am sure.

Well, Mr. Asshole, Kanye West decides to pull another one of his baby capers in the name of defending Beyonce's entitlement to the award. He comes out of nowhere, grabs the mic from the teenage girl (yes Taylor Swift is a teen) and tells her that Beyonce made the best video ever. sick of his baby-ass, whiny-ass, mentally-unstable ass, egotistical-ass antics!. It was just disgusting! Really, I haven't covered how bad it was because there are just no words for such assholism.

Fast forward-- two hours later, Beyonce wins Video of the Year Award. This is the award that she said she really wanted and the Universe happily obliged. Instead of taking the time to say her thank yous and such, she called Taylor Swift back to the stage to allow her to finish the speech that Mr. Jerk-off ruined. Beyonce showed that she was a class act, not a selfish Diva. She remembered her days as a youth at the VMAs, and how excited she was. She honored the young lady by forfeiting her top spot moment. Beyonce has many, many awards and will be around for many many more years. It was extremely gracious of her to allow Taylor the opportunity to bask in stardom at the VMAs.
Bravo Bey!!!!!

In other VMA news, Janet Jackson did a beautiful tribute to her brother. They edited out her dance routine in the Scream Video and she did it live. It was beautiful. I love that song it's one of my favorite MJ songs. Madonna, did a speech about MJ, that turned out to be a little too much about her (but hey she's a Leo--that happens sometimes). Nonetheless, it was beautiful and appropriate. She looked great too!

Beyonce's performance was AWESOME!!!!! She really engaged the crowd and she just really put on a great show. The crowd was rockin'. Jay-z and Alicia Keys did a nice job on their song about NYC. It made want to scrap my plans for Florida and go to New York.

Lady GaGa thought she was being original, but really she was doing Madonna twenty-five years ago. Yawn. Serena Williams came out to introduce someone after her time being caught "in the moment". I won't judge her outburst after the one I had at the tire shop last weekend. Glad no cameras caught me:). It was really bad.

The rest of the show was a sleeper. I didn't know who half the nominees or performers were, so I basically TIVO'd through the whole show. I would like to thank the person who came up with Digital Video Recording Technology, and TIVO for coming out with it first.

Oh yeah, and all those Twitterites who thought the VMAs would do such a better job giving Michael Jackson a tribute were wrong. Besides his sister, Madonna, and a clip to promote the new movie, they didn't do jack. BET's Tribute was much better, even with the three-day limitation.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rhodochrosite, I'll admit I need it!

Last year this time was such a hopeful time for me. I was happy to see 2008 on it's way out because financially it had taken it's toll on me. Obama was close to getting into office. I was campaigning door-to-door with my children. Somehow I thought we were all going to singing Kum- ba -yah with lyrics switched out to something Like "Yes we Can Lord, Yes we can.." All was going to be divine in 2009. Well in a lot of ways 2009 hasn't disappointed. Obama did make it in! I went to D.C. on that very cold day to witness his swearing in on the Jumbotron. I've found out that I am expecting a new bouncing baby boy! Business is starting to pick up again, although I am still fighting hard to make things like they were or better than they were. I am very happy with my husband and children. We are really close and experiencing good times together since we have moved everything (school and work) at home. Even our bickering is fewer and farther between and shorter in duration. Yes, 2009 is in fact divine.

Except, yes I guess there's always an except. Except, I am feeling increasingly heartbroken over the hatred, paranoia, intolerance, and lack of compassion I am seeing around. I've been out there on twitter, facebook, and comcast messageboards (which is the absolute worst) and it ain't pretty. I am seeing a bunch of ugly, ugly, ugly on the T.V. too. It's been exhausting. Why? Because I get involved. I've started a website called Love's Gumbo, but somedays all I do is get myself entangled in hate. I'll admit it. I am not going to lie. I see inane comments being made somewhere and I suit up with my armor and go to war! My husband watches me typing furiously (because being at war nowadays is all by internet chatter right?), and he tries to stop me. "Why do you go to comcast?" he asks. "Who are you getting now?" "Oh my baby's gonna get them now?" These are the remarks I get from him, until... Someone pisses him off at one of his frequent pit stops. Then he's off and running, but that's another story.

I read inspirational words everyday. I meditate many days too. I have even started the day off singing hymns, but somehow I keep getting pulled into this bull. Really, I run to it. Obama gives an educational speech, I'm on twitter kicking anybody's ass who has something bad to say about it. That jerk from S.C. embarrasses his wife by saying his mistress is his soulmate, I go on a rant. The other jerk from S.C. disrespects the President, I go to war for two days on twitter.

It's draining me, and I am doing it to myself. I cannot respond to every birther, hater, shouter, anti-healthcarian, righter, neo-con, small-minded racist, bigot. I've got to calm down. I've got to find my peace again. I've been out here using these social media networks to act a damn fool, and today I am going to stop it!

I am using Rhodochrosite to assist me in this endeavor. It's a crystal that promotes tolerance, healing, compassion, self-love, friendship, kindness, and comfort. It also helps people to quiet their feelings of paranoia and irrational fears (which might be something my combatants need). Although I am not going to focus on them, I am going to focus on me. Whenever I look at them I get myself all in a tizzy. I need to grab my Rhodochrosite, look at God and goodness, and find my peace once again.

Monday, September 7, 2009

What I Will Miss about Atlanta

I went to House in the Park today. It's a Labor Day Event that has been happening in Atlanta for about 4 years. House music is played in the park, and lover's of House music dance under a pavilion and where ever they stand for about 8 hours. This was my first year attending. While I was there I saw people that I know from all over the city. I saw my children's Sunday School teacher, my bloggy buddy Renee at cutiebootycakes , I saw parents and teachers from my children's day care center years ago, I saw new babies that I have been anticipating since in their mother's wombs, I saw ex co-workers, people I knew once upon a time, fellow vendors, in-laws, I mean I just felt so much love from all the people I knew. It was a love fest.

For me Atlanta used to be a big party like this all the time. I am not sure if I've changed or if the city has changed, but it hasn't been like this in years. Underneath the smog, traffic, horrible customer service, allergies, bougie snobs, scammers, crime, racists, ignorance, and deliberate indifference, there it was. LOVE!!!! What a vibe.

I am still leaving. I am determined to live in a beach city. I need it for my peace of mind. However, I will definitely miss times like these in Atlanta, even if it's been forever since I've had a time like this.

Check it out on whrrl:

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Earth Day MJ!

I'd promised I would do a Michael Jackson tribute post, and frankly I needed the two months to get myself in the right mental space to make it happen.

Today is the day that Michael Jackson came to Earth 51 years ago. He chose Joe and Katherine Jackson to be his parents on this Earth. He knew they could help him achieve that which he was on Earth to do. Although Joe Jackson irks me to no end, I do see his huge role in helping Michael fulfill his purpose on this Earth. A parent so narcissistic, egotistical, demanding, focused, and unwavering in his quest to make his children who he wanted them to be, can actually be very instrumental in pushing a child to live out his or her purpose. Even if it is through bitter tears, extreme loneliness, and a poor self-image.

My husband educated me about this image drawn by Mj, who knew?

Michael certainly lived out his purpose. I saw an interview where he said he was on "Earth to make people happy," and that he feels that most when he's on stage. He was about 22 years old when he made that statement, however I think he knew his reason for being on Earth much sooner than 22 years old. Michael lived his purpose in many ways not just on stage. He gave his money, his time, his heart and soul to make others happy. He gave so much money to others that he has a Guinness Book World Record for being the most giving pop star. He also has gained a host of other Guinness Book World Records.

A few that I can name are "First Entertainer to be paid 100 million in a year," "Most Grammys in One Year," "Most attended concert," and "Most Successful Music Video." These are only a few that I can name, but there are more.

MJ's purpose can be felt every time you here a song of his. In my opinion he wasn't an R&B singer, he wasn't a Pop Singer, nor was he a Disco Singer, he was a Soul Singer. He sang from his soul. It didn't matter the genre of music he sang, it was always from the soul. He danced from his soul too. It was like every time he decided to entertain us, he remembered his purpose on this Earth and tapped into his soul to achieve it.

He has had so many hits, it would be an incredible task to list them all. I'm sure I'd miss many of them I will tell you that my favorite is Leave Me Alone

Let's remember Michael Today, and thank him for honoring his Earth's purpose by living out our own purpose from our souls. If you don't know your purpose, honor Michael by finding out your purpose on Earth and doing it to the best of your ability! At the end of the day that's what we are here to do, and I have to say that despite anything and everything else, he lived his purpose.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

What Would A Leo Say?

Well I've been doing the Astrology highlights for a year now. I've talked about the characteristics of each astrological sign, so now I have to come up with something new to keep you interested. My new astrology series will be called "What would a ___________say?" The Questions will always be the same, but the answers will be according to what I think a specific astrological sign would say.

I am going to do my own astrological sign today, I am a Leo. I am a little late. My birthday was August 18th. I didn't really mention it on the day because I kinda felt like a teenager who missed the prom because of being knocked up. I turned 40, but couldn't do any partying, drinking and cutting the general fool because I am pregnant, my back hurts, and I am tired and grumpy. I guess I'll handle all the drankin' reveling on my 41st birthday.

Here we go:

What would a Leo say...

1) What Should I wear?

Something that is flashy. A girl's has to keep up her image.

2) How much will I get paid?

If it's not comparable to my worth, they can forget about it!

3) What did she mean by that?

Here we go again another hater? Why they always hatin' on me. Everyone knows it's all about me.

4) Is he looking at me?

Of course he is, aren't they always.

5) How will it get done?

I'll do it! If you want something done right best to do it yourself... Hold on, hold on, I'll show you how to do it

Do they need me?

Okay, well I'm willing to do whatever is needed? No need to ask, I could tell you needed me when I came to see you.

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Flip Burger with CutieBootyCakes and the crew!

Renee invited me out to Flip Burger Boutique this afternoon, and it was really great! I got to see some bloggers I've met before like Little Brown Jen and Talibah at The Mama Spot and We Parent. I also met two new bloggers She Geeks and Secret Agent Mama, she'ss a homeschooling mom like me. The food was a nice addition to good company. I splurged on a Pistachio and white truffle milkshake and it was glorious. The pictures tell the story. Check out our lunch on whrrl:

More stories at Flip Burger Boutique
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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Surprise Surprise!

I mentioned that I had two surprises for you a couple of posts back. Well, number one is ready! As many of you may know I am a Jewelry Designer (hence the name, Jewelry Rockstar). I consider my sense of design a gift, and I design as often as I can. I am very proud of what I contribute to the world in terms of jewelry. You may also know that my husband and I own and run an Advertising Agency, which has been slow for the past year. However, it is now getting busy, so woo-hoo. Thirdly, you may know that I am also a homeschooling mom of two, and I am really proud of what I have accomplished in my girls lives and education. Okay, so if you are counting, that makes three jobs right? Well...

You may not know about my mission and purpose in life, so I'll tell you. My purpose is to make the lives of women much more easy, much more fun, much more powerful, and much much better. I am meant to bring beauty into the lives of other women. That's my purpose and I know it. I feel my passion and purpose burn when I make a beautiful pair of earrings and a woman beams at me. I know I am on the right track when I make a beautiful soap or scrub for someone and they send me an email telling me how glorious the experience was for them. I solidify my purpose in many many things that I do.

My mission for the past 5 years has been to encourage and empower women who want to find a loving lasting relationship, and those who want to be happy in the relationship they have. I have written a book about it, but because I am so into controlling my own intellectual property it has not been published it. I am one day going to self-publish that book or maybe another because I came up with a new idea. I've decided to share my writings and sister circle curriculum with other women online. I've started a new online magazine/news/talk site that surrounds women and love! It's for all of us who want to be in and stay in love! I am so excited about it. The site is the same name as my book Love's Gumbo. I want you to go over tell me what you think, and if you feel so inclined join the movement! As part of the launch I am sponsoring a giveaway with Jewelry from me the Jewelry Rockstar. If you'd like a chance to win go check it out, there are about 7 chances to win. If you want to contribute, please contact me. I would love to hear your stories, troubles, videos, and feedback.

One more thing, I've been visiting blogs with my new login, just so you know, it's me. Also, this new site won't stop me from blogging as the Jewelry Rockstar. I will still be here, and I would love to see you there and here.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Okay, Me and Tavis Smiley are Cool Again.

During the Barack Obama campaign Tavis Smiley made a bunch of comments about Obama that started to get me super heated. He basically was pissed because Obama didn't come to the State of the Black Union, and I personally agreed with Obama's decision not attend. Hillary Clinton attended, but she was down in the polls and she needed any support she could get from African Americans. Obama offered to send Michelle and it seemed that Tavis felt personally affronted by that gesture. Anyhow, Tavis began a talk campaign against Obama for the next few months, and it seriously began to look like hateration. Sooo, I've been really pissed been kinda mad at Tavis every since.

Well yesterday I decided to bury the hatchet. Not that Tavis cares because he doesn't know I exist. What made me surrender and wave the white flag? The America I am Exhibit. Renee Ross over at Cutie booty Cakes Invited me and my hubby out on a bloggers outing to the exhibit. The exhibit is funded by Wal-mart, and it is designed to show the impact African Americans have made on America. The design of the exhibit is interesting and beautiful. It was filled with etched images of significant African Americans, stage attire from Black entertainers, mini-films on our culture, and beautiful historical documents. I read a page of Malcom X's diary. I saw shackles and chains that enslaved Africans wore, and I saw a pint-sized guitar that Prince played.

It was an amazing exhibit, and I teared up a couple of times just witnessing all that monumental history in one building. So far The America I am Exhibit has hit Philadelphia, and it will be in Atlanta until September 6, 2009. From there I don't know where it will go, but if it gets close to your town make a point to see it.

Tavis Smiley brought us this exhibit and I am thankful to him for that. I am also thankful to Renee for inviting me. This event was awesome and it will forever impact my life.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm Not Out Of the Game

I'm mostly just hot, tired and grumpy. I realize I've only blogged about twice in July. I've been doing other things like fussing folks out on FB, comcast's forum and twitter (told you I'm grumpy). Over what you might ask? I dunno Obama's citizenship, Gates' arrest, and Obama's subsequent comments, whether conversate is a word or not., whether you need to divorce to be a happy woman. Stupid stuff. These are real subjects I have voiced my opinion on. Just finding someone else to be crabby with besides my family.

Pregnancy is going well. Lately I've been losing weight instead of gaining. My doctor won't mind, she gave me a side eye about my weight last visit. I'm drinking green shakes and going to the pool several times per week. Baby is kicking, but overall I can tell he's gonna be very laid back. When I mentioned something about him kicking because he was hungry my eight year old said in astonishment "Oh he's alive in there." It was really hilarious.

I do have two surprises for you though. I can't reveal just yet. My husband and I are working on them. They'll be ready soon.

Oh yeah, I've started my countdown to 40 years old. I have about 20 days to go.

Sorry I don't have anything enlightening to report. I wanted you to know that I'm still here.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cancers Ladies Really Feel It!

It's the end of the Cancer season, and it's time for my tribute. I have Cancers all around me, so I know them pretty well. My dad is a Cancer, my step-dad is a Cancer, my two sisters are Cancers, my father-in-law is a Cancer. I have a bunch of Cancers around me, and they are fun.

Because Cancers love, love, love emotions, they are the funniest people I know. I find myself laughing at something a Cancer said to me (in all seriousness I might add) years and years later. They have a perspective on life that evokes hilarity. I mean they really crack me up. On the flip side of that, they also have a side of them that evokes anger, especially the ones born in July. July Cancers can be true crabs, in that they like to stir up sh*t. They take pleasure in getting a bunch of drama created among others, and stepping back to see emotional reactions fly. Once in awhile I fall victim to this kind of drama mostly at the hands of my oldest sister, one of my best friends. I call her the "sh*t stirrer" because she gets crabby (when she's not making me laugh), and starts carrying stories back and forth, telling small lies, and causing all kinds of drama. In the end, I usually laugh at her and myself for allowing myself to be tricked into some mess once again.

Cancers love things to stay the same. Status quo all the way for them. They like to cook and eat the same things, stay in the same place, keep the same friends, and work the same job. They are loyal to whatever they start, and it takes a lot to pry them away from it. They also collect wonderful little things, and find it very difficult to let them go.

Because Cancers love emotions so much they are very creative. They are also extremely intuitive and deep. If you are looking for the answer to a interpersonal situation, a Cancer can help you see the light. Their emotional leanings can also cause them to become, so sad that it resembles clinical depression. The only thing that makes their sadness different from clinical depression, is that another emotion like anger or extreme happiness or some other drama scene can lift them from their sadness instantaneously. They move on to the next emotion as though they were never ever sad. On to the next emotional adventure.

I have an extremely deep bloggy friend Tameka, over at Tea and Honey Bread. She is one of the most gifted writers I've met. I Just love her writing and her point of view. Please go over and check her out, you will not be disappointed. Happy Birthday Tameka!

Here are some famous Cancers.

Carly Simon is a very gifted songwriter. I am sure her ability to feel emotions stronger than the rest of us made her such a successful writer.

Michelle Kwan is an accomplished Ice Skater.

Lil' Kim, Lil' Kim, Lil' Kim...

Cyndi Lauper a famous singer. She came on the scene about the same time as Madonna.

Jessica Simpson, actress, singer and songwriter. She has been photographed on more than one occasion crying or arguing with a boyfriend.

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Help us mourn, Smoky Quartz

Someone said to me the other day that" America is in mourning" and it really resonated with my soul. We are mourning. Of course the biggest and most devastating loss for many Americans and much of the world right now is the loss of Michael Jackson. However, we were in mourning before he transitioned. No, I don't mean Farrah Fawcett or Ed McMahon, although they were terrible losses for America as well. I don't even mean the most recent death of Steve McNair, the football player who was caught dead in the middle of an affair with a 20 -year old. Although personally, I am mourning the loss of a father for those children, and the loss of the 20-year old's life. I wish her youth had not stood in the way of her realizing that he was probably the type of man that would just move on to the next chick, and that he wasn't worth her life.

Although all of those are great losses, we have been in mourning for about a year I think, if not longer. We are at war. We have lost jobs. We have lost homes. We have lost retirement funds. For some who have been struck by natural disasters, we have lost stability. When we look at the music, media, and movies in America, it seems we have lost our dignity.
We haven't lost our souls, our spirits, and our divinity.

We can regain everything we've lost and more. First, we have to properly mourn. We need to acknowledge that we are mourning, feel the pain, and then release what's been lost. Smoky quartz is a stone that can help us do that. That's what Ancient Romans believed. Even if you aren't mourning, you are coming into contact with people who are on a daily basis. Smoky Quartz can help to absorb the negative emotions they are giving off.

One more thing that smoky quarts does that is good for me too. It helps with back pain, which as nearly 40 year old preggo woman I am experiencing a lot of. It's a good thing I have an adjustable smoky quarts ring if it wasn't adjustable, me fatty fingers wouldn't be able to wear it until sometime after the end of October, hehehe.

If you believe in the spiritual properties of crystals, go out and pick up some smoky quartz. I think we could all use some.

Monday, June 29, 2009

BET, The Black Community's Whipping Boy

I watched the BET awards last night and I tweeted at the same time. Overall I think it was a great show considering the confines of a BET show. By confines I mean the usual bull jive that happens on BET all year long that usually keeps me and my children from tuning in. I don't expect the BET Awards to step up to being a show that shows the best and brightest in the African American community. That's not what they do, so I don't expect it. I watch to see a glimpse of something interesting or good here and there and then I use TIVO to mute out or pause the rest.

Last night it seems viewers came in droves with huge expectations because of the death of Michael Jackson. I too came with expectations, and mine were fulfilled. New Edition kicked it off with a Jackson 5 tribute. Ne-yo did a smashing job on two MJ song's.

Jamie Fox did a dance tribute and delivered poignant commentary on Michael's work. Beyonce sang Ava Maria & in the Arms of Angels, which was beautiful and sad. Several artists spoke about their memories of Michael Jackson and his impact on their lives. For a total or 3 days at best, BET did a incredible job altering that big machine into a MJ BET tribute while continuing on with the show. I think Michael Jackson deserves and has earned a 4-hour special dedicated to only him. The kind of special that takes months to put together, not just three days. I know he will get it, and I believe BET or TV-One will be the ones to do it.

Many tweeters and Facebookers are not in agreement with my assessment of last night's show because they have been blowing up saying just the opposite of what I am saying. I think that's because they are insane. Insanity is doing the same thing (tuning in to BET) and expecting a different outcome (a show filled with dignity and purpose through and through). They also expected a bigger tribute to Michael, although there was only a three-day turnaround. That's naivete on the part of viewers. I produce photo shoots and television commercial shoots, and I can tell you that with three days notice it's hard to change the direction of those drastically. I can just image a huge awards show. So many camps to contact and coordinate with, so many egos to deal with, so many costume changes, set changes, etc. Sorry viewers, but to expect more is just folly.

Having said all of that, I will now give you blow by blow of the whole show. New Edition's tribute was great, and it was what I expected. Funny part was Johnny Gill holding a guitar.

Maxwell was wonderful just the way I expected. The tweets for his part were hilarious. Women were swooning by tweet, ooohing, and awwwing.

Ne-Yo has finally gained my respect because he really sang Michael's songs last night with such grace and clarity.

I almost went into a full on ugly cry when Jamie Fox talked about Michael's career and his purpose. I started up and sucked it back in, so I wouldn't scare my children. Still have to get that out at some point.

I was shocked to see Joe Jackson there. I thought it was hilarious when Don Cornelius said Al Sharpton would "fight a brick." I also thought it was hilarious when Eddie Levert went into his story about being on the set of Michael's Black and White video, and cursed like and old Uncle would.

We TIVO'd through that Lil' Wayne and Drake tom foolery, so I can't really comment because I didn't really see it. It was inappropriate for the night in much the same way Snoop Dog's show was on the anniversary of the March on Washington, a year or two ago. Some fools you can't stop no matter what you do.

Aaron Hall, of Guy has lost his voice. I don't know what happened there. Keith Sweat was whiny as usual. I don't know why I ever liked him.., ahhh youth. Tevin Campbell looks like he has had a hard life, but is now trying to get it together. I could still see the hardness though.

Umm Keri Hilson is boring, but I prefer her to Rihanna. As a matter of fact up until last night I thought her songs were Rihanna's songs. That's probably not good for Rihanna.

Mary Mary and the Queen were excellent. My kids went nuts.

Soulja Boy Tell'em boo!!! What Ice Tee said...yeah. (Grown folks only)

Jay-z's new song became likeable to me last night. I guess it was the live performance.

Here is Alicia Keys doing her best impersonation of "I am not a homewrecker, I am a humanitarian."

Keyshia Cole looked the same as always, Monica looked polished and on top of the world. Frankie & Neffe are getting a show...sigh. I'll be watching...sigh. Tiny & Toya have a new show...sigh. I watched a sneak peek last night... won't be watching anymore. Tiny is too disgusting to watch. She looks like an old drunk, and the exaggerated facial expressions she makes when she says her "life is great." Signals a life that is horribly wrong. I study facial expressions and lying (favorite past time of mine).

Janet Jackson looked beautiful and very sad at the same time. She even looked and sounded a little resentful toward us, the public. I can't say that I can blame her because CNN and others have been very cruel towards Michael over that last few days. A side note here, I will be doing an M. Jackson tribute, but I am taking time to get things right within myself. This was a huge loss for me.