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Monday, September 14, 2009

Beyonce is A Class Act!

I haven't gone on and on about Beyonce on this blog lately, but she earned it last night. First, she was nominated for about 9 (I think) Video Music Awards (VMAs) last night. She won about 3 (I think). One of the awards she was nominated for was Best Female Performer. She didn't win it, Taylor Swift won. Now, personally I think Beyonce should have won because she's such a professional that I think she should be rewarded for walking. However, Taylor Swift won. Taylor Swift is a little talentless, and she will probably be a flash in the pan in the entertainment industry, but last night was her moment in the sun. It was her time to shine! She won an VMA, and she is mostly a Country singer. It was a big deal to her and her fans I am sure.

Well, Mr. Asshole, Kanye West decides to pull another one of his baby capers in the name of defending Beyonce's entitlement to the award. He comes out of nowhere, grabs the mic from the teenage girl (yes Taylor Swift is a teen) and tells her that Beyonce made the best video ever. sick of his baby-ass, whiny-ass, mentally-unstable ass, egotistical-ass antics!. It was just disgusting! Really, I haven't covered how bad it was because there are just no words for such assholism.

Fast forward-- two hours later, Beyonce wins Video of the Year Award. This is the award that she said she really wanted and the Universe happily obliged. Instead of taking the time to say her thank yous and such, she called Taylor Swift back to the stage to allow her to finish the speech that Mr. Jerk-off ruined. Beyonce showed that she was a class act, not a selfish Diva. She remembered her days as a youth at the VMAs, and how excited she was. She honored the young lady by forfeiting her top spot moment. Beyonce has many, many awards and will be around for many many more years. It was extremely gracious of her to allow Taylor the opportunity to bask in stardom at the VMAs.
Bravo Bey!!!!!

In other VMA news, Janet Jackson did a beautiful tribute to her brother. They edited out her dance routine in the Scream Video and she did it live. It was beautiful. I love that song it's one of my favorite MJ songs. Madonna, did a speech about MJ, that turned out to be a little too much about her (but hey she's a Leo--that happens sometimes). Nonetheless, it was beautiful and appropriate. She looked great too!

Beyonce's performance was AWESOME!!!!! She really engaged the crowd and she just really put on a great show. The crowd was rockin'. Jay-z and Alicia Keys did a nice job on their song about NYC. It made want to scrap my plans for Florida and go to New York.

Lady GaGa thought she was being original, but really she was doing Madonna twenty-five years ago. Yawn. Serena Williams came out to introduce someone after her time being caught "in the moment". I won't judge her outburst after the one I had at the tire shop last weekend. Glad no cameras caught me:). It was really bad.

The rest of the show was a sleeper. I didn't know who half the nominees or performers were, so I basically TIVO'd through the whole show. I would like to thank the person who came up with Digital Video Recording Technology, and TIVO for coming out with it first.

Oh yeah, and all those Twitterites who thought the VMAs would do such a better job giving Michael Jackson a tribute were wrong. Besides his sister, Madonna, and a clip to promote the new movie, they didn't do jack. BET's Tribute was much better, even with the three-day limitation.


Barbara said...

"assholism"... I like that. Gonna have to use it some time, lol...

I was confused as to why the hell it took Jay-Z the entire show to get there. I don't think that much of a grand entrance was necessary, but then again, I don't really care too much for him. I LOVED Janet's performance too!! It was great for them to set it up the way they did. I do think they should watch their wording though when promoting these things. It wasn't really a "tribute", but more like a "tribute performance", which I thought was great. Short, sweet and to the point.

Jennifer said...

You are so right on about everything! I LOVED Beyonce and Pink. Ther rest was ok, Li'l Mama jumping on the stage was funny and a little strange. Famous people amaze me how they withstand the humilation they bring upon themselves. It's an interesting appetite fame and attention.

Lady Gaga to me had a pretty nice voice that's a little hard to hear behind her presentation and lyrics (from what I've heard). I liked her though because she's going for her thing 100% and I find it interesting, although that dancer with the thong for a mask made me a little nauseated, lol!

Sabrina Gay said...

Great post!! I also thought it was a little odd that lil mama would get up on stage with Jay Z and Alicia Keys. I understand that she has pride in where she comes from, but that was their performance and if you wasn't performing, you didn't belong on stage. Thanks for posting my article! It looks really nice on your site.

Jewelry Rockstar said...

@Barb, I like the one Tameka uses "assholery" too. I came up with a new this morning. What about "yay-hole"

@Jennifer I didn't understand Lil' Mama either, just puzzled???? Lady Gaga does have a nice voice. I wonder why she doesn't want to rely on it more. That thong was a little funny to me.

@Sabrina I liked your take on the show over at your blog.

Unknown said...

thanks for the recap since i pretty much missed it all.

and really the only performance i would have liked to have seen was beyonce's.