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Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far, or Does it?

What's it like to choose to go into a profession, in which your parent has excelled? When making a decision like that do you do it because it's in your genes? Do you do it because it was a huge part of your environment growing up? Do you do it because you think you are a shoe in, so it's kinda a lazy choice? I don't know why, and on this one I won't guess why?

For whatever reason these women have chosen to walk the path their parents blazed, and some have found success. Others you might not know at all. Either way you have to admire their bravery. I am afraid to try the same recipes my mother has mastered.

This is Angelica Huston, she is daughter to John Huston, plus her grandfather was an actor as well. She was in an on and off relationship with Jack Nickolson for about 15 or 16 years. He has since been involved on and off with a younger skinner version of Ms. Huston.

This is Quincy Jones' daughter Rashida Jones. She has recently started a budding career. She has played a role on The Office, and other parts here and there.

Ms. Drew Barrymore has found much success in the entertainment industry. She comes from a long line of actors and actresses, but in my opinion she is the most successful of them all well maybe not, but I'm not old enough to know the success of the others. Her father is John Drew Barrymore Jr.

This is Shari Belafonte. Her father is Harry. She kicked around a bunch in the 80's, and recently I saw her in a commercial (as a background person), and that sparked the reason for this post. Seeing her got me to thinking about Hollywood Royalty, and how they end up where they end up.

This is Rae Dawn Chong, her father is Chong of the Cheech and Chong movie series & comedic duo. She played in one of those campy hip-hop movies of the eighties, and that's the only notable thing I can think of. Feel free to fill me in on any of these folks.

Blythe Danner is the mother of Gwyneth Paltrow. They both have names that sound like European fairies, hehehe.

This is the daughter of Diana Ross and Berry Gordy. When she was born, she was supposed to a white man's baby. Diana Ross married a white man because she told him she was pregnant, then out pops this beautiful brown baby.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Keeping House

In an effort to be cool like Denene I sauntered over to 5 Minutes for Mom Ultimate Blog Party and added my name to a linky list without reading all the words as with all parties it was a bunch of mayhem and I didn't focus on what I was supposed to be doing . Apparently, I was supposed to post a button to announce my participation, which I should have realized. However, I didn't get it until I got a snarky comment from one of the other mom bloggers. Sooo.... Whooo Hooo. It's a party over here too! I'm part of the Ultimate Blog Party for moms. So, have a drink for me, I can't have one right now. No weed please, it's not that type of party, have some deviled eggs, and go over and join in on all the fun. Here's their button:

Ultimate Blog Party 2009

In other news my dear blog friend Tameka gave me a special award a while back. It wasn't just an award it was like a whole tribute post, and I have been over here crying every since. I've been trying to figure out who I should give this award too now. I really want to give it back to Tameka, but that would be way too clique-ish and you all would then begin to hate both of us for hogging all the awards.

The winner is FlyTie. She really keeps the Blogosphere a beautiful place with her beautiful designs, insights, and musical selections. FlyTie, thanks for the sunshine you bring to this electronic world! Enjoy this award.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Pisces Applause and nods!

Pisces are the great believers. They have a strong belief in what's good, what's hopeful, and what's best. They are the kind of people who will help anyone, but they don't usually show the same fervor when it comes to helping themselves. They are intuitive and imaginative. They are a water sign, so they can come up with the most creative things on Earth, and then just flow on to the next thing without giving it a second thought.

My mother is a classic Pisces! She is creative, caring, hopeful, and extremely hard to peg. The water in her personality keeps her flowing this way and that. If she ever gets stuck in one place, she just makes up her mind and flows on to the next thing. Her flowing nature keeps her on a lifelong adventure, that others would find sometimes unsettling. At a moment's notice she is ready to travel, cater a fabulous dinner, nurse the elderly, give a severe tongue lashing, or say the most positive words of encouragement that would nurture generations.

Her ability to dream and to believe have allowed her children the opportunity to imagine themselves as limitless creatures in this universe! If you have had the pleasure of having a Pisces parent, you probably have had lobster dinners as a babe, and may have had the lights turned off a time or two. You may have had huge dreams set before you with the invitation to partake. You may have dreamed of what it would have been like to have the sound security that would come from a earthy parent like a Virgo. At the end of the day, my Pisces mother exposed me to a life that I would never ever trade for anyone's. Here is a presentation that my husband made for her about 6 years ago.

Here are some famous Pisces!

You can see the water all up and through in Queen Latifah. She is dressed as a beauty queen day, and a motorcycle thug the next... let's not forget about this great shot, which I love!

She's also very creative, in that she's a rapper, actress, singer, and business woman.

Of course, the water is evident with Liz Taylor too, just look at how many men she's married. She also has that spirit of lending to anyone in need. She once picked up Stephanie Mills off the side of the road, after she was beaten and kicked out the car by her husband Jeffrey Daniels, formerly of Shalimar.

Ms. Badu is another flowing Pisces. She's very creative, and you can never be sure what she will be bringing to us. Her three children by three fathers also signal her on to the next thing mentality.

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Friday, March 13, 2009

I miss Lauryn Hill

I have days when I'm good and I can accept that Lauryn Hill has dropped out of the music business, to protest, or to raise her offspring or because she just isn't interested, or because she can't be in it on her terms. Most days I am fine, and I can respect her decisions. Other days I am sad and have a deep longing for her gifts to grace our ears and hearts once more. I had a day last year where I was really angry because Jazmine Sullivan put a song similar to the Lauryn Hill sound. I couldn't be mad at Jazmine, she is a star in her own right, but I was just mad.

Today is one of those days when I wish Lauryn Hill was still performing or least still producing. Her gift is very special. She is meant to lead people to Spirit. She is that first step some see before moving on the the next step, and then the next. Her words provide that first glimpse of wisdom for those who may be walking in darkness and don't know it. Now of course, there are others who have and will continue to come behind and alongside her in this role, but her space can never be filled because it was created especially for her wisdom, insight, and purpose.

Here are some images of that fly girl.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's that time of Year

Wedding planning is in the air. Brides are all abuzz right about now preparing for summer weddings. They are tasting appetizers, fitting wedding gowns, picking brides maid dresses, and are so excited about their big day! In the spirit of wedding planning going on all over the place, although I don't know anyone in particular planning right now, I am posting wedding images.

This wedding took place in the 40's, see how small the party was.

Nowadays it's unheard of to have a few people in the wedding party. Every cousin, frienemy, & ex-lover is invited to be apart of the wedding party.

Here is an Indian wedding. I went to one once, it was the longest prettiest thing I've ever seen. We ate in the middle of the first ceremony in the daytime. I didn't attend the second ceremony in the evening. Oh and the invitations to that wedding were beautifully handmade, I still have it because it is so unique.

Here is my brother's wedding from last year. It was in Jamaica and unfortunately I didn't make it. However, I edited the video footage from the wedding into this video

Friday, March 6, 2009

What You Plant Will Grow

Fertility is something we all want. Many times we associate it merely with bearing children, but fertility is much greater than that. Fertility is seeing what you plan for, hope for, believe in, and work for come to fruition. Fertility is seeing prosperity all around you, and experiencing continued growth.

Today I wish President Obama, you, and me fertility. I want the things we plant to come up in full bloom. I want us to feed the earth with our crops. Here are my symbols of fertility to you.

This symbol is from New Guinea.

This is an ancient African symbol of Fertility.

This is a Viking Fertility Symbol.

Slavic Fertility.

More symbols of growth & prosperity!

Fertility Doll.

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

March Giveaway! Winner is Ms. Bar B.

It's time for a Giveaway. If you like my jewelry, but haven't had the spare change or opportunity to buy any, here's your chance to win anything in my store you want. Here are the rules:

1) Just leave a comment with your contact information.
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