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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Who's That Tat?

It's time for a little guess who's body part, uh well art as it were. I personally am not interested in tattoos, but I respect that others love them and wear them as an expression of their individuality. Ready to play, here we go!

In ATL she caught a case, and the media tried to say she had a habit she couldn't manage and she's throwing her life away. A certain rapper got her a license right in the middle of dating a certain short sleezy acting rapper. That Rapper chick still thinks she was the one, because she didn't get the memo that if a man gets married on you he really thinks nothing of you

These two got cute wedding ring tats that everyone speculated about because they wouldn't show their real rings until they were good and ready.

This is a matching tattoo to match his Young Love's Tattoo.

This is the Young Love I spoke of, although I think she's a little older than him.

We watched this woman transform from a thug-like rapstress to a pretty, feminine, fashion designer and actress.

This woman invites you to look through the window of her love and life through her music.

She parlayed a mediocre pop career I am aware they sold albums and stuff, but it was still mediocre at best into a rich sports wife persona.

She falls into the "I don't really have any talent, but I am famous because of my parents" category.

Some one needs to tell dude that he's into his 40's now, it's time to grow up and make adult music. Just saying...

These were probably done while she was high on crack.

Her inability to choose Obama over McCain brought Roseanne Barr out of hiding to straight tell her a$$ off about pretending to care about the world, but not knowing which candidate would be best for the world and her very own adopted daughter. Oh yeah and she's a husband thief too.

Faith Evans
Jay-z & Beyonce
Chris Brown
Mary J. Blige
Victoria Beckham
Kelly Osburne
Jamie Foxx
Amy Winehouse
Angelina Jolie


Phyaflyjones said...

lol. The only 1 that I did not get was Jamie. Your commentary on each was on the money

T.Allen said...

Not a fan of any of their work! Their tattoo work, that is. Bleccch. I actually didn't know any of them by the ink, your commentary gave it away...and gave way to much chuckling...folks are crazy!

Miss Snarky Pants said...

Meaningless tats are the worst!!

Barbara said...

I knew everybody 'cept Kelly, lol. And heeeeyyy, I like Jamie's music, with his old behind, hahaha. He really does need to stay away from people like Plies though!

Sha Boogie said...

I have one tattoo (an anhk)and I can't think of anything else i won't hate myself for when i turn 65 lol

Unknown said...

Very fun post!

Unknown said...

8 out of 11.

and yeah, some of these dudes need to give it up. especially with the mess they're putting out.

Rodah Maxwell said...

This tatoo thing can get addictive, great article. I have one and was thinking about getting another. Oh well thanks for talking me off the ledge. You have to think about it. Sometimes it's good to just look at others. I'm not that bold.

*Tanyetta* said...

My daughter just recently got a tat. I'm over it.

I think. :)