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Friday, January 2, 2009

It's All Good!

This is the time of year when we stand in front of the mirrors and bash ourselves. We curse our hips, our bellies, our chins, our shins, and every little part of us that may have grown a little bit more sideways. We vow to work it off, love ourselves, take more time to exercise, eat better, and we have hopes for a bikini strut in June. However, by February the gyms are empty again and we all get back to the task of being Fat Americans. This year I refuse! I am going to celebrate every inch of me even if it isn't 150 lbs anymore. I am not going to let Oprah's quest to be the size of the Olsen twins get me down. I have learned a few things about eating and moving over the years and they have kept me in a size 10. I am not an extremist, but I try to be somewhat consistent. I fall off and on and off and on, but in the end I think I am better for my effort. I may not be the size 6 my mind won't let me abandon, but hey It's all good!

Say it with me, it's all good! Even if you don't think it is, say it is! Admire you and soon you will be a better you. If you beat yourself up, you will just grow more and more sideways! Think about it, we can all agree that if we verbally abuse a child s/he will grow up feeling bad about herself or himself. However, we don't think verbally and mentally abusing ourselves will have any effect. We stay ready to beat ourselves to hell over a cookie. Here are some before and after pictures of ladies about 15-20 years ago and now. Take what you want from it.

Oprah can say what she wants about how big she is now, but I am happy she took those fake eyes out of her head!

She definitely looks better now!

Lisa Lisa looks a little different, but she's still smiling. It's all good!

If things go too haywire, always know that you can get one of those surgeries that Patti Austin got, and Poom-Pow! Look Hot like this!

Jayne Kennedy look like she's enjoying not being on every young boys wall. There is something to be said for just enjoying being a mother, instead of obsessing about your past Playboy Status. Yes, maybe she would have benefited from a little walking, but I am not in her shoes they might hurt.

Jody is still making it do what it do! Good for her.


T.Allen-Mercado said...

I know that's right! Oh wait...I was supposed to say, "It's all good"-well, it is.

Jody Watley looks amazing and peep her tank top...I need one of those like yesterday!

Jewelry and Watches said...

You have a very tasteful blog. Very stylish. Keep up the good work and it is all good.

Ms. Bar B: said...


Thank you for this post. We really do be letting ourselves have it over these figures. Sometimes I ask myself why I am still trying so hard to be the "girl" that I was instead of just accepting the "woman" that I have become. I am in love with my thighs, but the back fat just gets to me, lol. Ah well... ITS ALL GOOD!

fly tie said...

eek! yeah oprah with the fake eyes is a bit spooky.

lovely post and very similar to the last one i posted. it's definitely all good!

fly tie said...

oh yeah, and i woulda loved to have met up with you while out here. i always looks forward to meeting my internet buddies.

but there'll be other times!!!

VCSMama said...

It's all good!!!!! And...Amen!