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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Evolution

In everything I do I am constantly trying to evolve. I try to evolve spiritually, intellectually, and physically. I believe that I will evolve and evolve and evolve until one day I'll transition away from here and find out what's on the other side. In my design work I strive to evolve as well. I originally started with fashion design over twenty years ago. I put down sewing and fashion design about 12 years ago. I never thought of it before, but I guess it was because I began my serious studies in behavioral and research design. I got heavy into Statistics and Human Behavior, and believe or not there is a good deal of design that goes into that.

Well, after several years of Research Design, I started Jewelry Design, and Bath and Body Product development (I know I don't talk much about my Bath and Body Products here, but gift and sell them too.) I later I joined my husband and started assisting him with Advertising Design. However, as you know I've not put down Jewelry Design and don't plan too. Really Jewelry Design caught my interest many years before I began. I went on a College tour at The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC back in 1988, when they mentioned their Jewelry Design Program, I began to feel disloyal toward Fashion Design. Eventually, my college life took me to one year of Fashion Design, then a BA in Psychology and a MS in Professional Counseling, and an almost MS in Educational Research. Through it all I came back to Jewelry Design, and I don't see myself ever leaving.

I started in about 2002 at Michaels. Here is what the beginning designs looked like. I mostly sold them to women at my office.

I used little cheap plastic beads, colored wire, and gold-plated earwires.

Eventually I moved to all Sterling Silver wire and earwire.

Repurposed beads, lampwork beads, mother of peal beads and other natural stones.

I am now into polymer clay, plastic, and seed bead designs. Soon I'll be moving into Precious Metal Clay and who knows where I'll go from there.

The thing about evolution is that it is a slow and steady process. Sometimes, I look at my work and feel like I should be so much further, but then I look back I see how far I've come and feel energized to keep keeping on.


T.Allen-Mercado said...

I love how you've gone from pre-fab beads and wire to your own; sculpting and molding each piece a' la Brooke-very nice!

I've been wanting to play with some clay for a while now...perhaps one day. I always think of your beating the clay post-how cathartic!

Jewelry Rockstar said...

If you want to learn about clay check out some of the books I have listed on the right side of my page. I first started dreaming with books. Then I started watching Jewelry making on DIY Network. It's back on, so try and catch it. It will help you with techniques and give you great ideas.

Ms. Behaving said...

Keep on keepin' on girlfriend. :-)

For whatever it may be worth, you never cease to amaze me with your talent and determination.

Craig Brimm said...

Keep pushin! Living, loving, learning.

Paula said...

Love what you're doing Rockstar! I have a crafty project going on of my own and you've provided additional inspiration!

It's funny how your life tends to evolve to your first love!



Dori said...

I is about evolving and you certainly have done a lot in your life with your design evolution. It's so interesting to hear about your journey :-)

I make my own jewelry on the weekends sometimes, but I'm not nearly as advanced as you are :-) Keep up the great work and thanks for the tips. You do such beautiful work.

Ms. Bar B: said...

I am happy to be along for your evolutionary ride =)

fly tie said...

wow. it's really neat to read your story and learn how you've developed over time. it's certainly inspirational. i wish you continued growth and prosperity!!

(and i definitely feel you on that last paragraph.)

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

Loved seeing the evolution of your work! You can definitely see 'your voice' through all the pieces as they improve in quality and skill. That is a very special thing. Most people don't have clear voice like you do. Keep it up!

selling gold jewelry said...

Lovely and all the designs are rocking...