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Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Favs

A part of being a Jewelry Rockstar is keeping abreast of the latest jewelry fashions and jewelry designers. I have two favorites designers that I am truly in love with right now. One is Aakofii and the other is Lisa Wu Hartwell.

Here are my favorites from Aakofi. I love her work because if is chunky, clean, and very bold. Here pieces are very creative.

I love Lisa Wu Hartwell designs too, and not because she is one of
The Real Housewives of Atlanta. What I love about her work is that it is made like costume jewelry, but it is actually fine jewelry. I usually find fine jewelry pretty boring, but hers looks like something you would really like to wear for the style of it. It's not something you wear to make a statement about the price. Here are my favorites from her Wu Girls Collection.

I also have other random jewelry designs that I've found on etsy. There is a vehicle on etsy called the Treasury where it's possible to show your favorites, but the darn thing is super hard to access. Here are my jewelry favorites on etsy. They are not all by one designer. They are individual pieces from several designers. Enjoy!


T.Allen said...

Oooh Brooke, I love those earrings-Do you know I've never seen the Real Housewives of anywhere?! Her design style is pretty funky and I like the textures of the first designer as well.

Thanks for including me in your Indie finds-keep 'em coming RockStar!

Unknown said...

I love that bracelet!!! I love all of those pieces but that bracelet just stood out to me, thanks so much for including my piece too!:)

Unknown said...

I knew Lisa was a Housewife - I admit that I watched the show. All of the jewelry is so pretty.I agree that treasuries are hard to acquire but with patience you can get one- try on Friday nights.

Barbara said...

Those are some great pieces. I can see why you like them so much.

You and Tameka puts it down with the jewelry designs. I am almost at a point where I will be able to snatch up a few pieces from the both of you =)

Wonderful Star said...

love the jewelry picks. also thanks for listing me as your blog of the week.


Jewelry Rockstar said...

@ Tameka, you've got to check out the Atlanta housewives, you'll laugh, you'll feel ashamed, you'll be talking to the T.V., these are some real 'round the way girls

Jewelry Rockstar said...

@ Nicaeli the bracelet is gorgeous.

@ Renee, I'll the treasury on Friday.

@Ms.Bar B. let me know what you like and I'll give you the friend price.

MBB Founder and Editor Denene Millner said...

Man--you have a fantastic eye, and those designers are the fire. I want one of everything!!! I just adore the originality of the pieces... the perfect statement when you're trying to look good. Such talent!

*Tanyetta* said...

Where can I get a neck warmer for my son. Seriously, he rips scarves off or they fall off and he has LOST THREE already.

My goodness I know right. LOL

Unknown said...

Wow. That's truly amazing! I LOVE this necklaces! Soo stylish!!

Thank you for your blog, I likes your articles. :)

By the way, take a look at my jewelry blog here -
I post my jewelry advices and different gems revues here.:)

Any comments are welcome.

Jewelry Rockstar said...

@Tanyetta, just click on the image of the neck warmer. That designer can probably make an affordable warmer for your son.

Unknown said...

i really like that first necklace. the red is great. plus the photo's really nice in general.

Anonymous said...

great stuff you have here! very unique but not the kind of out-of-this-world jewelries that some designers come up with. these ones are very stylish!

Anonymous said...

I like prima-gold verymuch because it's very beauty

Mary Smith said...
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