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Friday, September 26, 2008

Moms Who Do It All (even if they have hired help)

Moms are sooo special. There is no other way to put it. We do so much, bear so much, know so much, we are mini Gods. We are Gods to our children. They may not yet know the God of the Universe; they only know us. They see us doing it all, they copy everything we do, they trusts us even when we are dead wrong. We are the only God they know.

This post is to acknowledge all the moms who give a huge amount of love, work their asses off , remember every little detail of every one of their children, and still remember to brush their teeth wear a little mascara or lipstick. Here are some ladies who do a lot and love a lot because they are moms. I know most of them have an extra set of hands or two or three which most moms don't have, but I am sure even with help they are stretched just as thin as we are because that's what love does.

Here is Jennifer Lopez, she just had twins. However, she still had to go out and run a Triathlon. Yes, I used the word HAD because stuff like that is part of her job, if stars don't do amazing things like that we won't consider them stars anymore, they'll just be "has beens." So the next time you are resentful that you have to keep walking to the printer at your job, think about what she had to do at her job, right after having babies. I'm just's not as easy as it looks.

Here's Heid Klum, she has a bunch of babies that depend on her. I think three???? She pushed out a baby after one season of Project Runway, and had to hurry and look fabulous for the next season. Not to mention, that Victoria's Secret thing she keeps up. You ladies know after you have had a precious little one, the last thing you want to do is see your snarly personal trainer. This chick had to do it an make it look effortless.

You can probably more relate to me taking my 8-week old baby on an end of the year trip for my 4-year old, but what this lady had to do is not different. It all has to be done because you know "THEY" will not take the excuse, "I just had a baby." You know the "THEYs" that don't think about your situation, they judge it and talk about it...

These two ladies have made it their business to mother the world's children, plus their own (adoptive and Biological). Yes, both Mia and Angelina have shown themselves to be human by getting caught up in cheating scandals. We are not talking about that right now, we we are talking about their willingness to open their hearts as mothers, and shoulder quite a load. Plus, Karma found out about Mia and she paid her dues. That doesn't take away from her mothering and loving of her many children.

Marie Osmond has gone beyond the call of her motherly duties by loving her biological and adoptive children.I think she has something like eight, WOW!!!! We all need more love in this world and I applaud anyone who goes the extra mile to provide love to little ones.

Here are two ladies that I so admire. They are always graceful and poised ladies whenever in the spotlight. The first is Denzel Washington's wife who has done an awesome job shouldering most of the load raising their children. She is a woman who represents her children and husband well.

Next is Angela Bassett. She has two children carried and born by a surrogate mother. She is a perfectly educated and gracious woman who raises her babies while struggling to deliver quality roles in tough industry for women of color.


Jen said...

Why is it I feel like my picture wouldn't fit in with any of those moms? A little 'baby fat' never hurt anyone! :0)
Great blog!
-10oneworld on etsy

Debbie Gootter said...

hot mamas!

nicaeli said...

Yay for moms!

Mekhismom said...

Angela looks great. The other moms lot good too. I love how celebrities keep it together after pregnancy. Must be nice to have a gym and personal trainer in the home.

Jewelry Rockstar said...
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Jewelry Rockstar said...

Well, we have to remember that these ladies are entertainers, so they can't really have baby fat and expect to get a "promotion" or to even stay employed. It would be like a secretary not being able to type or answer the phone. Gotta remember this is their job, it has absolutely NO bearing on how any of us look.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Angela Bassett is wearing that dress! She is always so classy!

Yes, moms are underrated. Thanks for taking notice! Great piece.

Asia Hadley said...

Even if you have help, a personal trainer, and a gym in your home, it still takes discipline and order to utilize these assets. I applaud these women and all moms for what they do.