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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Back to Basics (but still fly)

Lately I've been going back to basics in every aspect of my life. I've been at the stove every night, no more grabbing take-out. Too expensive, plus it's just not as good as what I can do. I've been attending church more regularly, Lord knows I need Jesus right about now. I've been cleaning my own house, no more cleaning lady :( I really miss her though. Soon I'm gonna be cleaning out my closet, but I won't be doing my usual of replacing the old with new from a trip to H&M in NYC or a splurge in the Newport News Catalog. Nope, I'll be clearing out trendy stuff and keeping my wardrobe basic.

Basic by no means is frumpy or slack, it is just the essentials needed to still be pulled together without looking dated.

Here's what I'll be wearing all Fall and Winter in keeping with my "back to basics" mentality these days.

These wide leg jeans always look great with a turtleneck or scoop neck. I can wear throw on a wide belt, put on a jacket or just wear plain depending on how dressed up or down I need to be.

and of course, a boot cut pair slacks are always great to balance out my momma's booty, which has somehow shown up on my hind parts.

I'm in Atlanta so, I can wear a sleeveless dress all year round. All I have to do is throw on a blazer or jean jacket and I'm ready for whatever. Boots, pumps,or flats all depend on how I'm feeling that day.

For me these jewelry accessories are necessary to make any basic ensemble look jazzed up.

One huge ring alone on a hand makes a woman on the go look like she has really tried, and that she is super stylish even if she's in a jogging suit.

I will always wear a pair of square earrings, clip-on or stud when I want to show off my classic sensibilities.

I am a cuff and bracelet girl. I always use one with my basic attire. It's pretty easy and effortless for me because I only have about 3 looks to choose from (that is if I don't start digging through my handmade designs)

Finally, I have to do a dangle earring (preferably large and lightweight) because they make anything look like you are a true style maven. I throw them on to go to the supermarket. God, forbid you see an old friend while looking a mess, at least your earring will detract from your unkempt hair.

See here I am last Thanksgiving, sweating, cooking, hosting, but the dangles added a little something to an otherwise haggard appearance. LOL! Well, at least I hope so...


haveawonderful said...

I'm sure you post will ring home with many women.

I'm a big fan of jeans, tshirt and my cowGurl boots! (Of course, with a fly pair of earrings.)

Since it's cooling down, I've been wearing leggings and I think they may be my item of choice this winter!

Mekhismom said...

You look good the caption should read "and you should put down that camera and help out!" I love wide legged jeans have any suggestions about where a plus sized girl can find a nice pair in the A?

Debbie Gootter said...

You are right- the dangles did add something- you look so hip!

Outdoor and Festival Vendors said...

Yes, it's time to get back to basics. If we remember how our mothers did it we can make it through this time, plus still be fly. Like you!

fly tie said...

lol! i know exactly what you mean about the dangly earrings. i throw mine on when i'm running a quick errand and have just thrown on anything where the clothing is concerned. the dangles do wonders.

those are some nice jeans. *must look into getting some*
and great accessories, too.

yeah, i'm all for the basics. that's pretty much the story of my "struggling (but i'm not gonna claim that word) artist/designer* life.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Funny-I am the "Plain Jane" amongst my trend chasing girlfriends. The jeans (boot cut to balance the business with the booty), fitted shirt (i'm a small bosomed gal-gotta push 'em up and out) and killer shoes! I seldom if ever wear jewelry-diamond studs are a must. And of course, can't forget MAC lip glass-where are we going? I'm ready!

You're too funny cooking in your dangly earrings, sunglasses are my feel good vice-but they don't quite work in the kitchen. :)