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Friday, September 5, 2008

I'm not a crafter, I'm a designer

I've been asking myself over and over again, why I am not able to sell anything on, the number one crafter marketplace online. I suddenly realized that I am not a crafter. I am a designer. I've always been a designer. I started with fashion design. I designed my prom dress back in 1988.

When I left fashion design I didn't leave design. I found it again back in 2002. I started with jewelry, a passion that I had even back in high school, but never dreamed I could do. I am a designer! I have the edge of a designer, I have the sass of a designer, and I seek to provide usability through my designs, like other designers. I finally understand, and I am extremely okay with not selling anything on etsy. It's not my market. It's a crafter's market. I'll stay there because it's an inexpensive online presence, but I'm okay if I don't sell there. I'll keep working the outdoor markets, festivals, and the neo-soul & poetry shows, my people are there. One day soon, I'll have a studio and I'll sell to the celebs, divas, and style mavens of the world. Haaa! Just Breathe!


Estela said...

love the prom dress!

TheresaJ said...

Me too (about the prom dress)! -- and your jewelry is really nice too!

As for selling on Etsy -- there's so much jewelry, it's easy to get lost in the shuffle. Don't give up. It takes a lot more work than just posting -- like relisting 1 or more items every day to keep a current presence, adding new items often, and taking part in the forums, in lots of topics, and promoting your butt off. I pass my cards out everywhere I go, not just to promote myself, but Etsy as a whole. It took awhile for my shop to start getting some sales, but they increased the more I got involved in other aspects of Etsy and realized it took more work than listing and waiting for things to sell. Blogging helps too.

I personally do a lot of selling off Etsy as well, but as you said, it's an inexpensive online presense for people to refer to your work, if nothing else.

Jewelry Rockstar said...

I think I am not willing to relist things like others do. I don't even keep an ample amount of inventory out there. I do participate in forums, but that's about as far as it goes. Thanks for the advice, I still think it's a target market thing.

missknits said...

that prom dress is awesome! so perfect for that time!

Outdoor and Festival Vendors said...

Nice prom dress! You are a designer, but designers sell on etsy too. Keep pressing because it's nice to sell in more than one place.

nicaeli said...

great dress!

I think your jewelry is great! I get lost in the shuffle too, I started out on Etsy just trying to sell my jewelry and it just got buried, I mostly just sell my leather work now. I have a few jewelry pieces on Etsy but I sell more at my local craft shows than anywhere else. Best of luck to you, your work ROCKS!!!!

Ms. Bar B: said...

You were workin' that prom dress =). I send much sunshine over your way... thanks for visiting my blog.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

What a perfectly stylish prom dress-great work!

You know, I think there is certainly room and a market for all types on Etsy. I will say target marketing through Etsy has me completely stumped. That being said I rely on people like myself who look to Etsy for that certain something, call it craft, art, design...I call it funky. What ever it is even if it wasn't what I sought out, I know I will find something progressive and funky on Etsy.

You are a talented designer I can't see Etsy hurting your business, it's just another part of the saturation game. Best of luck.