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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Earring Giveaway!

This is my very first giveaway, and I am so excited. Here are the rules;

1) Go to my etsy store and look through the items
2) Leave a comment about which item you like the most - That will get you one chance to win the earrings above! (one virtual raffle ticket)
3) If you link back the item to your blog, and then you get 3 chances to win the earrings above! (three virtual raffle tickets)
4) If you highlight my store or this blog in your blog post, you get three chances (three virtual raffle tickets) to win any two items you choose in my store! (three virtual raffle tickets)
5) Please remember to let me know about links or a post. Plus leave an email address so I can reach you.
6) The raffle tickets are cumulative--meaning if you do all three, you will get 7 virtual raffle tickets!

I'll have my daughters to a draw name on next Tuesday. Good Luck!

Update: The winner is spottedonetsy . Thanks to all who entered! Congratulations to spottedonetsy . Look out for my next giveaway in October.


Anonymous said...

I really like the earrings you have posted here as well as the extra long polymer earrings in lavendar :o) I like your style!

SpottedonEtsy said...

My favorite item from your shop is the pair of Sapphire Polymer Clay Square Dangle earrings. They are so visually interesting with so much detail! I love the colors, as well! Thanks!!

spottedonetsy [!at] gmail dot com

MyCozyCreations said...

I really like the uniqueness of these:

Come enter my giveaway on my blog too!

Lucky Girl said...

Your Round Dangle Polymer Caly Earrings are beautiful! (I like the sqaure dangle earrings, too, but you said to just pick one favorite.)
sales (at) luckygirltrading dot com

Sooz said...

my fav item on your blog are the earrings that look like they are sprockets... on the next post.

Outdoor and Festival Vendors said...

Too bad I missed it!!!