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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I like them on Chains

I have a long neck, so I make lots of earrings for long neck beauties. I imagine that one day all the fashion models of the world will come and sweep up all my long earrings. Anywaaaaaay...hmmmm. For right now, I have to remember to shorten them for average length necks beauties if I want to make any sales at all. Hey, it's not all about sales, but I gotta sell or they will just pile up. There are only so many teacher gift giving occasions:)

Here's an example of Keyshia Cole wearing earrings on a chain (the shorter version)

Check out the Music video were she wears them:


Outdoor and Festival Vendors said...

That's a cool style. I would definitely like to wear these!

Ashley said...

These earrings are so pretty!

fly tie said...

although my neck isn't necessarily long, i've got a thing for earrings on a chain as well.

Anonymous said...

beautiful work! enjoying checking out your shop!

Jewelry Rockstar said...

Thanx for the kudos. I really appreciate your feedback!!!!