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Friday, August 15, 2008

Geometric Shaped Earrings

I think wearing a geometric shaped earring gives the face a pop. It adds interest and makes the wearer look like they are fully accessorized even if they are just wearing that one set of earrings. Here are some of my new Polymer clay geometric earrings. I just made them last night. I've been up way too much at night making jewelry. I have a showing tomorrow night, so I'm on the grind.

Here are some celebs wearing their geometric shaped earrings.

Here is Kelly Rowland of Beyonce's Group Destiny's Child wearing a nice double round shaped dangle.

Here is Mary J. wearing the same pair. It always trips me out that these celebs can have so much money, but they all end up wearing the same accessories and outfits. I guess there are some benefits to being a thousandnaire like me, because I rarely see my style when I step out... that's right I said it:)

and of course, here is the queen herself wearing a pair of triangle earrings. These are lovely. Sorry, my photoshop is on the fritz or else I would have went on and taken her skin down a few shades. LOL!!! Just Kidding.


Cara Mia said...

I especially love Mary J, she makes anything look classy and sexy!

Outdoor and Festival Vendors said...

You know it would be cool if you did a post showing celebs wearing the same jewelry.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

I couldn't agree more about how they end up in the same accessories-I'd be mortified! More DIY perks, huh?

Mekhismom said...

Great earrings! What a talent you have. Oh and when you do have a shower to go to just let me know! I am in your area. ; )