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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

How to Wear Big and Long earrings

I love love love to wear and design long and large earrings. When I am out and about at shows I always hear women say they love big earrings, but they don't know how to wear them. I hear things like "my hair is too short," or "my hair is too long" or "where would I wear them." There are no rules to wearing large earrings. I do suggest going for lightweight and large, as opposed to large and heavy. If they are too heavy, plan to wear them only a few hours. Here are some pics of famous folks enjoying long and big earrings. Tell me what you think.

Here is Carmen Electra wearing a nice round large earring. Her hair is in full bloom, and she hasn't allowed that to hinder her from enjoying a bold look! Even if her marriage succumbed to the reality show curse, she looks great like it didn't bother her one bit! That's the way to work it girl!

Chaka Khan is wearing a double extension pair of fabulous earrings! When buying a pair like this, look for lightweight materials or hollowness inside. Love, Love Love her, she's still making it hot!

Here is Heidi Klum with a great updo to show off her chandelier earrings. The dangles are fantastic. However, you may have seen Tyra with that look first since she tends to walks the path that Tyra has blazed (Seal, Reality T.V., Victoria's Secret). No matter who may have had it first, it still looks great on her.

Gwyneth Paltrow is displaying these wonderful long vertical earrings. They compliment her face well. Vertical lengthy earrings are great especially when they have links or flexibility. This prevents the constant scraping of the collar bone or neck. Movement in long earrings is a very good thing. I'm sure she's feeling like it's also a good thing she got away from Brad, before he humiliated her like he did Jen. I'm sorry for that remark, I might be the only one who is still mad at Ang & Brad.

Naomi Campbell is styling in her shorten vertical glitzy earrings. They look great with her short bob. They accentuate her cut in just the right way. Doesn't show her fists though, they are balled up ready to swing. LOL!!!, Just kidding... I don't want a phone in the eye:)


Outdoor and Festival Vendors said...

LOL!!! Too funny "Naomi fists balled up" I like this site, jewelry wearing tips and a little humor.

Endee Designs said...

I agree. Big earrings can be great if you don't over-do it with your other accessories!

Blue & White Wear said...

So cool! I love your earrings (from the post below).

alexlady said...

Love the Long Earring photo spread! your clay earrings on etsy are really snazzy, i like the geometrics!!

Jewelry Rockstar said...

Thanks, I am glad you like my work:)

Sexy pics fan said...

Is she on tv now?