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Thursday, August 28, 2008

I am so Famous!

Okay, well not exactly. However one day I will be. I will be the jewelry designer that sells fabulous creations to the Celebs and other stylish ladies. That's my dream! One of them anyway. I have started on my way. Here are some up and coming stars that have bought my jewelry. Plus, my jewelry was used in a promotional video for a haircare brand. Dream with me please:)

BTW- If you are one of those stylish ladies or would like to buy for one, please visit my etsy store on that side ---------->
This is Georgia Me, an HBO Def Poet

Here's more about her:
"Georgia Me"

She bought these extra long earrings from me! Hope she's enjoying them.

This is Algebra! A Neo-soul singer.

Here's more about her: "Algebra"

She purchased these from me:

I've also sold to Sarafina a young lady with a beautiful voice! Well, actually we traded CD for Earrings. I don't have the pics of what I sold her, but told me she's enjoying them quite a lot. Check out her my space page:
" Sarafina's MySpace Page"

My final proof of my superstar status is the use of my jewelry in an hair care promotional video, here's the website

"African Pride Promtional Video"

These are the earrings used. There were a few bracelets too! Check it out!


Conscientia's Cameos said...


Outdoor and Festival Vendors said...

I will dream with you! Your work deserves to be recognized and PURCHASED by everyone. Good job, so far!

Ann said...

That is so awesome! Your jewelry are so beautiful!

I also want to let you know that I gave you an award on my blog!

fly tie said...

ok, that's pretty cool. for a few years not i've had a vision that one day erykah badu would wear one of my garments. i mean...i haven't put any effort towards it, but it's my vision. lol!