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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Local Atlanta Flavor...

Well for me the show season is about over until March. I need to rest. I have spent many nights in the pasts 8 months out on the "club scene" selling my jewelry. This is new for me because I traditionally work festivals & craft shows. The down side is that I am way past clubbin', so I realized on Friday night that I have to stop selling at night life shows for a awhile. I think it was around 1:45 am that I asked myself what exactly made me think I could handle one more night out until 3 am selling jewelry. I am literally still a little dizzy not entirely from the shows I got a little drunk at my own Christmas Eve party and I am not totally recovered.

The upside to selling at the nightlife shows is that I get to experience local live music, spoken word, art, comedy, and emceeing. Here is an overview of what I've seen this year.

My favorite group in Atlanta right now is Gritz and Jelly Butter. They are a fairly young band, but they have already opened for Dwele, and I feel convinced that once their album comes out they will be a smash hit. If you catch one of their live shows, you won't be disappointed. They run through covers from Kanye West to Marvin Gaye, plus they have great original songs as well. Check them out here!

My favorite male vocalist right now is Kelsy Davis. He is a keyboardist and vocalist with a soulful, funky, gritty, country sound. Really good Stuff!

My favorite Atlanta Poet is Queen Sheba. Her work is truthful and eloquent and is comprised of beautiful thoughtful stories. She has albums and can be seen live and in person at many spoken word slams in Atlanta.

Julie Dexter is also a great vocalist, whom I love. She hasn't always been in Atlanta, she is from England and has many well known albums.

I've posted other notables a few months back, and all of these are by no means all the great talent on the Live Show circuit in Atlanta, but these are some who have made an impression on me this year.


MBB Founder and Editor Denene Millner said...

Oh, thanks for sharing these! We're (relatively) new to the ATL area, and we're always wondering where we can go to hear talented folks. I'll keep my eye out for these artists!

And girl--take a break!

Weith Kick said...

You won't see me clubbin' any time soon. Those days are long gone for me. Hope you at least got some good sales for your efforts.

Ms. Behaving said...

You ain't never lied...

Too much of that nightlife business can DEFINITELY wreck havoc on a person after a while.

So yeah...I agree with MBB Founder and Editor Denene Millner...

Some rest is long overdue!

Gone ahead and get you some girlfriend :-)

fly tie said...

well kudos to you for getting out there and making it happen. that always inspires me.

i'll be checking out these artists. i'm already a julie dexter fan.