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Monday, December 15, 2008

Sagittarius Sisters' Salute

November 22nd - December 21st is the time of year that Sagittarius women celebrate their birthdays. As with all the other zodiac signs I am paying tribute to the Sagittarius Sisters. First let me say Happy Belated Birthday to my Mother-in-law, Sarah Brimm. She transitioned away from this life in 2007. Her birthday was this past Saturday, December 13th. We sang "The Birthday song" to her and wished her peace on the other side. She was a beautiful spirit inside and out.

As a matter of fact most Sagittarius women have sweet positive spirits. They are the external optimists, sometimes to a fault. They are free flowing and love a life filled with freedom. They are intellectual and open-minded. These women are honest and they tell it like it is. Most Sagittarius women I know walk around looking like money. They are always dressed fashionably and they light up the room when they come around. They are also orderly and neat. I have known Sags who fold socks, iron jeans (in 2008), and vacuum everyday.I have and have had (they fly free, so you can't always keep up with them) a few close Sagittarius friends. Most of these women send good energy into the world, so I love Sagittarius!

Here are some famous ones.

This is Janelle Monae she is a real spit fire Sag. She displays courage and freedom to perform and write songs from her heart.

My daughters love to sing this song.

Tyra has that overly optimist side to her that Sagittarius sometimes have. We see that when she tries cast a positive light on some things that are better left alone, like like Miss J's fool ass .

Kim Basinger

Lucy Liu, fire!

Although the media loves to poke fun at Katie and her husband, I love them and see value in they way they choose to live their lives.

Of course, Tina Turner exemplifies good energy, free-spirit, and looking like money!


MBB Founder and Editor Denene Millner said...

Cute post--love the picture of your Mother-in-Law...

Unknown said...

Never heard of Janelle but she is clearly energetic! I agree with Denene great photo of you MIL - may she rest in peace.

T.Allen said...

Sag energy can be much for my brooding Cancerian tastes, but I'm often a fan of their buoyance from a distance!

I bet you had a great relationship with your MIL-she looks spirited and fiery. Peace to your family.

Barbara said...

You're right on about the Sags, my great-grandmother was one. These are definitely take charge women. Had no idea that Janelle was a Sag, but then again, she's still kind of new to me.

Unknown said...

folks still iron jeans? ha!

janelle monae is so pretty, and i like her energy. i saw her for a quick minute while in ATL last year.

yeah, these characteristics sound pretty accurate for the sagittarius women i know.