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Sunday, August 23, 2009

What Would A Leo Say?

Well I've been doing the Astrology highlights for a year now. I've talked about the characteristics of each astrological sign, so now I have to come up with something new to keep you interested. My new astrology series will be called "What would a ___________say?" The Questions will always be the same, but the answers will be according to what I think a specific astrological sign would say.

I am going to do my own astrological sign today, I am a Leo. I am a little late. My birthday was August 18th. I didn't really mention it on the day because I kinda felt like a teenager who missed the prom because of being knocked up. I turned 40, but couldn't do any partying, drinking and cutting the general fool because I am pregnant, my back hurts, and I am tired and grumpy. I guess I'll handle all the drankin' reveling on my 41st birthday.

Here we go:

What would a Leo say...

1) What Should I wear?

Something that is flashy. A girl's has to keep up her image.

2) How much will I get paid?

If it's not comparable to my worth, they can forget about it!

3) What did she mean by that?

Here we go again another hater? Why they always hatin' on me. Everyone knows it's all about me.

4) Is he looking at me?

Of course he is, aren't they always.

5) How will it get done?

I'll do it! If you want something done right best to do it yourself... Hold on, hold on, I'll show you how to do it

Do they need me?

Okay, well I'm willing to do whatever is needed? No need to ask, I could tell you needed me when I came to see you.

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Wonderful Star said...

We just celebrated my daughter's birthday August 18th she turned 17. So happy happy to you and of course you will celebrate after the glorious birth.


Jewelry Rockstar said...

Wow, didn't know your daughter's b-day was the same day as mine.

Unknown said...

(happy belated!)

i thinking not too long ago, "i wonder what she's gonna do once all the signs have been characterized?"

i like this. can't wait for scorpio! :-D

Jennifer said...

Girrrrrl, I think I've told you I have two Leo's, one grown who I married, and one little one who I gave birth to, and you just nailed BOTH of them! My little 7 year old has his own style too...has since he was about 3 and particular just like my husband... I can't even describe how on target you are all the way, lol! Nice!!