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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Surprise Surprise!

I mentioned that I had two surprises for you a couple of posts back. Well, number one is ready! As many of you may know I am a Jewelry Designer (hence the name, Jewelry Rockstar). I consider my sense of design a gift, and I design as often as I can. I am very proud of what I contribute to the world in terms of jewelry. You may also know that my husband and I own and run an Advertising Agency, which has been slow for the past year. However, it is now getting busy, so woo-hoo. Thirdly, you may know that I am also a homeschooling mom of two, and I am really proud of what I have accomplished in my girls lives and education. Okay, so if you are counting, that makes three jobs right? Well...

You may not know about my mission and purpose in life, so I'll tell you. My purpose is to make the lives of women much more easy, much more fun, much more powerful, and much much better. I am meant to bring beauty into the lives of other women. That's my purpose and I know it. I feel my passion and purpose burn when I make a beautiful pair of earrings and a woman beams at me. I know I am on the right track when I make a beautiful soap or scrub for someone and they send me an email telling me how glorious the experience was for them. I solidify my purpose in many many things that I do.

My mission for the past 5 years has been to encourage and empower women who want to find a loving lasting relationship, and those who want to be happy in the relationship they have. I have written a book about it, but because I am so into controlling my own intellectual property it has not been published it. I am one day going to self-publish that book or maybe another because I came up with a new idea. I've decided to share my writings and sister circle curriculum with other women online. I've started a new online magazine/news/talk site that surrounds women and love! It's for all of us who want to be in and stay in love! I am so excited about it. The site is the same name as my book Love's Gumbo. I want you to go over tell me what you think, and if you feel so inclined join the movement! As part of the launch I am sponsoring a giveaway with Jewelry from me the Jewelry Rockstar. If you'd like a chance to win go check it out, there are about 7 chances to win. If you want to contribute, please contact me. I would love to hear your stories, troubles, videos, and feedback.

One more thing, I've been visiting blogs with my new login, just so you know, it's me. Also, this new site won't stop me from blogging as the Jewelry Rockstar. I will still be here, and I would love to see you there and here.


Breath of Light said...

The new website and book are great news. I love that you are so sure of your purpose. It gives me inspiration as I continue to figure out what mine is.

Ms. Bar B: said...

That is so beautiful. As a newly (well, kinda) in-lover, my ears, eyes and mind are open to all that you have to say about keeping love strong. And what? You've been holding on to a book all this time?? I'm glad it has manifested itself into this new project... I see only good things in the gumbo =)

fly tie said...

Yaaaaay! you're awesome. :-)