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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Earth Day MJ!

I'd promised I would do a Michael Jackson tribute post, and frankly I needed the two months to get myself in the right mental space to make it happen.

Today is the day that Michael Jackson came to Earth 51 years ago. He chose Joe and Katherine Jackson to be his parents on this Earth. He knew they could help him achieve that which he was on Earth to do. Although Joe Jackson irks me to no end, I do see his huge role in helping Michael fulfill his purpose on this Earth. A parent so narcissistic, egotistical, demanding, focused, and unwavering in his quest to make his children who he wanted them to be, can actually be very instrumental in pushing a child to live out his or her purpose. Even if it is through bitter tears, extreme loneliness, and a poor self-image.

My husband educated me about this image drawn by Mj, who knew?

Michael certainly lived out his purpose. I saw an interview where he said he was on "Earth to make people happy," and that he feels that most when he's on stage. He was about 22 years old when he made that statement, however I think he knew his reason for being on Earth much sooner than 22 years old. Michael lived his purpose in many ways not just on stage. He gave his money, his time, his heart and soul to make others happy. He gave so much money to others that he has a Guinness Book World Record for being the most giving pop star. He also has gained a host of other Guinness Book World Records.

A few that I can name are "First Entertainer to be paid 100 million in a year," "Most Grammys in One Year," "Most attended concert," and "Most Successful Music Video." These are only a few that I can name, but there are more.

MJ's purpose can be felt every time you here a song of his. In my opinion he wasn't an R&B singer, he wasn't a Pop Singer, nor was he a Disco Singer, he was a Soul Singer. He sang from his soul. It didn't matter the genre of music he sang, it was always from the soul. He danced from his soul too. It was like every time he decided to entertain us, he remembered his purpose on this Earth and tapped into his soul to achieve it.

He has had so many hits, it would be an incredible task to list them all. I'm sure I'd miss many of them I will tell you that my favorite is Leave Me Alone

Let's remember Michael Today, and thank him for honoring his Earth's purpose by living out our own purpose from our souls. If you don't know your purpose, honor Michael by finding out your purpose on Earth and doing it to the best of your ability! At the end of the day that's what we are here to do, and I have to say that despite anything and everything else, he lived his purpose.


T.Allen-Mercado said...

Beautiful, as i knew it would be.

"If you don't know your purpose, honor Michael by finding out your purpose on Earth and doing it to the best of your ability!"

This is a very profound statement when you look at the amount of influence celebrity has over our society. In lieu of bling, boutique cothes, and fancy cars-if each fan would honor their purpose,we'd all become stars on this stage called life.

Ms. Bar B: said...

I have to ditto what Tameka said!

Dori said...

Your Michael post was well worth the wait! So profound and so true. His genius truly inspires me. Thanks for giving us this wonderful post!

Jewelry Rockstar said...

Yes Tameka, if only we would put as much energy into fulfilling our purpose as we do watching the tabloids and celeb blogs.

@Dori, I can only hope that I have a smidgen of that genius to get done the things I am here to do.

@Barb, Good to see you as always.

Jennifer said...

This is beautiful! You have such a gift for this kind of writing. I agree that MJ wasn't pop or R&B...he was definitely a Soul singer in a way that was his very own.

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