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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Jewelry Rockstar's Do's & Don'ts

I saw a show on fashion do's and don'ts. I thought to myself, "self, you should do some do's and don'ts, since you have nothing else to post about." I am not doing mine on fashion because I think fashion is personal, and we should all be allowed to make our own decisions about what we wear. Not to say I don't often raise my eyebrows at what I see on the backs of folks, but I do feel that if folks want to look silly it's their right.

Anyway on to my Random Do's and Don'ts

--Do Enjoy your Easter Sunday, if you celebrate!
--Don't beat yourself up if you couldn't afford, Easter candy, Easter outfits, or Easter Vacay! (the picture above is me on Easter Beach Vacay last year)

--Do post pictures of your loved ones on Facebook with clear labels, so that your old skeleton boyfriends/girlfriends will be clear that they are African American History, European History, Gay History or Latino History.
--Don't have more pictures of yourself with the chick everyone thinks you are playing footsie, than you and your wife.
--Don't put your family in a picture folder on facebook labeled Misc, like they are a side annoyance
as you can see I am taking a few things a little personal about someone specifically in my Facebook family

--Do plan a yard sale, ebay sale or craigslist sale to make some money on excess stuff you have hanging around the house.
--Don't use that money to buy more excessive junk. Instead take the family to dinner, pay a bill, or use it to invest in a small business to bring you more money.

--Do tell me WTH twitter is about.
--Don't tell me to try it because I have for months now, and I am still extremely bored and confused by the whole experience.

-- Do, If you are laid off or if your business is slow enjoy this time with your kids. This might be the Summer that you get to do all kinds of cool things with them because you can't afford Summer camp!
--Don't yell at your kids because they want the same old stuff you have loaded them down with when things were more prosperous. Instead, explain to them that economically things have changed and teach them how to live within the family's means.

--Do remember that money is not your source, God is.
--Don't fall apart every time you can't go out and buy a sushi or shrimp dinner.

--Do eat some avocado, olive oil, flax seed, and almonds to flatten your stomach.
--Don't fill up on orange chips, blue "juice," and green cereal and expect you are gonna keep you girlish figure.

--Do look in the mirror and say "I love you."
--Don't go to the mirror with an angry face fussin' yourself out over flab, acne, and split ends.

--Do be careful what you say on facebook because it shows up on pages everywhere.
--Don't fly off like I did responding to something all willy nilly without completely knowing what's going on...hehehe.

--Do visit your myspace account once in awhile.
--Don't forget you were once addicted to it too.

Thanks to Tameka's comment I am adding this one.

--Do be careful who you accept as a friend on facebook because it's hard to figure out how to delete them.
--Don't keep it to yourself if you know how to delete friends on FB. I need to get rid of a few crazies...


T.Allen said...

I love you and this list of dos and don'ts!

And I have seen some FB photos of scandals in the making from WAY back in the day. *Sings* ...and you say he's just a friend...

I actually never did MySpace...FB is enough, I'm already regretting a few accepted folks.

Easter pleasantries all around!

Jewelry Rockstar said...

Oh Tameka, you just reminded me of something... I need to know how to delete mofos on FB. On myspace it was easy. Updating do's and don't now...

T.Allen said...

You know I got you it t-i-is:
click on said fool arse mo fo's name or avatar

scroll down...way down and look to the left of the screen

click remove i mean friend

wash hands and repeat!

to date i have eliminated 2 fools-ignored countless and sent special, "you know you and i aren't friendly like that" messages re: ignored requests.

spring is about renewal! ;) weed your garden!

shiborigirl said...

This is a Wonderful list! I too wonder what's up with twitter. I joined last month because someone told me I should. But I just don't get it.

I hear ya about being careful of who gets to be my friend on FB. Thanks for the warning. So far, only two strangers have asked, and I find it's really easy to click "ignore" on the request page.

You have a great deal of common sense, and it's fun to read. :)

Happy Easter!


Jewelry Rockstar said...

Tameka!!!! I did it!!!! I did it!!!! I got rid of a mofo!!!!!

MBB Founder and Editor Denene Millner said...

Oh, man, there are some serious Do's and Don'ts on this list that I'm going to post on my bathroom mirror. Thanks for the inspiration, Rock Star!

Jennifer said...

Great list! I am happy to see that I am among selective facebook company! I don't accept everybody and I have loved ones that I'm not friends with because I know my need to have reason to fly off the handle from a misunderstanding...been there DO that already, LOL! PLUS, fb can turn into like sitting in on someone's phone call...Anyway, congrats on deleting the crazies! I agree with T, it's time to weed the garden.

Twitter is supposed to be good for business. I find it a bit of a wild ride talking to myself. I don't know that I need record of me talking to myself know :/

Barbara said...

Hahahahaha. And this is why I'm not on FB or Twitter. I am staying resistant so far, we'll see if the friends get me with all that "but you're graduating and I don't have myspace" stuff!

Loved your list!!

Jewelry Rockstar said...

@ Jennifer, heheh wild ride talking to yourself. so true.
@Barbara, you'll breakdown, don't forget to join me when you do.
@Shiborigirl I've been trying to get rid people I know, not strangers.
@ Denene, I'm glad to be of service.

Unknown said...

I enjoyed this list. I am not sure how to delete friends. I can't be that difficult can it? Hmm, send me an email, I will figure it out for ya.

Breath of Light said...

hahaha! love the list. On fb, i cannot for the life of me figure out how to get it to allow me to upload mobile photos. ARGH! Do tell me how. Also how do you cancel a friend request you sent but don't want them to be your friend anymore? lol

Unknown said...

ha! yeah, great points.
i've been on twitter for a few months and still am like, "WTH??" facebook has me kinda like that, too, although i can manage on there.

*raises hand as one who'll go months without logging in to myspace" :-/

lol @ breath of light.

and i'm all about making some extra loot on ebay!

Latisha Lee said...

I feel like I could have written this myself! This was good.. loved it.

Viagra said...

I agree with you on all of these!