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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

25 years ago...Today

I was 14 years old and I saw on the news that Marvin Gaye had been shot, by his own father no less. It was a sad sad day. His father received five years probation. Marvin had suffered many years of abuse at the hands of his father when he was young. His past haunted him, and as a result he couldn't overcome a severe cocaine habit and paranoia before his death. His Birthday is tomorrow.

The torture he sometimes felt showed up in his music. You can hear it in his version of The Beatles Yesterday. Of course, his wisdom, creativity, sexuality, and humanity showed up too. Just listen to this one and this one This is why we loved him so. I have Marvin Gaye days, where all I can do is listen to his music. My absolute favorite is Come Get to This.


Jennifer said...

Oh gosh, I remember not believing this. I was 9 years old...I'll never forget being 9, watching the news (I was that kind of kid) and sitting in my dad's striped chair, hoping that they would say that he'd be fine. My parents raised us on Marvin Gaye...I saw him as much as a part of my generation as the one before me. That was such a terrible tragedy...still is.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Wow, thanks Brooke. I was ten and I remember my grandmother crying over the stove reheating coffee in a wobbly little sauce pot with no handle. I was initially dumbfounded at her level of grief. As the years went on, my understanding of how music shapes lives and memories; brings people together across so many social, cultural and class barriers, I now understand. Marvin Gaye was a friend and family member in many households and his loss is truly tragic. Thanks for sharing.

Veriance said...

this was so sad. I remember how angry my mother was about it. Marvin was brilliant and tragic. Can't wait to see Jesse Martin in the biopic!

Dori said...

The years have just passed by more than I realize sometimes. I saw Marvin Gaye on his last concert tour not long before he died. I was a teenager and went with my older sisters. At the time, I didn't fully understand his genius, but as I grew I realized how blessed I was. I'm so glad that I got the chance to see him perform.

fly tie said...

i love this man. beautiful spirit.

get Togetha said...

I love that second pic from the top of this post. Love Marvin and he was gone to soon. My mom was devastated when he died. Like Chris Rock said thank heavens artist's from Marvin's time weren't making clothing lines, hawking jewelry, liquor and clamouring for acting roles the way these artists do today cause then we wouldn't have the sweet timeless music of the like of Marvin.