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Monday, March 16, 2009

Pisces Applause and nods!

Pisces are the great believers. They have a strong belief in what's good, what's hopeful, and what's best. They are the kind of people who will help anyone, but they don't usually show the same fervor when it comes to helping themselves. They are intuitive and imaginative. They are a water sign, so they can come up with the most creative things on Earth, and then just flow on to the next thing without giving it a second thought.

My mother is a classic Pisces! She is creative, caring, hopeful, and extremely hard to peg. The water in her personality keeps her flowing this way and that. If she ever gets stuck in one place, she just makes up her mind and flows on to the next thing. Her flowing nature keeps her on a lifelong adventure, that others would find sometimes unsettling. At a moment's notice she is ready to travel, cater a fabulous dinner, nurse the elderly, give a severe tongue lashing, or say the most positive words of encouragement that would nurture generations.

Her ability to dream and to believe have allowed her children the opportunity to imagine themselves as limitless creatures in this universe! If you have had the pleasure of having a Pisces parent, you probably have had lobster dinners as a babe, and may have had the lights turned off a time or two. You may have had huge dreams set before you with the invitation to partake. You may have dreamed of what it would have been like to have the sound security that would come from a earthy parent like a Virgo. At the end of the day, my Pisces mother exposed me to a life that I would never ever trade for anyone's. Here is a presentation that my husband made for her about 6 years ago.

Here are some famous Pisces!

You can see the water all up and through in Queen Latifah. She is dressed as a beauty queen day, and a motorcycle thug the next... let's not forget about this great shot, which I love!

She's also very creative, in that she's a rapper, actress, singer, and business woman.

Of course, the water is evident with Liz Taylor too, just look at how many men she's married. She also has that spirit of lending to anyone in need. She once picked up Stephanie Mills off the side of the road, after she was beaten and kicked out the car by her husband Jeffrey Daniels, formerly of Shalimar.

Ms. Badu is another flowing Pisces. She's very creative, and you can never be sure what she will be bringing to us. Her three children by three fathers also signal her on to the next thing mentality.

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fly tie said...

sweet presentation. :-)

queen looks lovely posing next to her star.

i'll have to go through my list of friends, associates, and people i know to see who are pisces and and how they match these qualities. 9i love doing this!)

Anonymous said...

Just looking for your party post since you posted a linky for the Ultimate Blog Party.

Ms. Bar B: said...

My grandmother is a Pisces =) I love your monthly features. Can't wait till next month so I can see if I find myself in what you have to say, lol... you'll have to do double duty though since I fall right on the line between Aries and Taurus ;)

Rosie said...

Hi. I found you on the 5 minutes for Mom blog! It's so strange, I picked you randomly and I am a Pisces! cool!

ciara said...

my youngest is a pisces. :)

domesticgoddess said...

I am a pisces too! (March 12)

T.Allen-Mercado said...

I have a few Pisces in my inner circle and they are all over the place just like the tides!

You had me falling out over everybody and their shady business-too funny!

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

I am a Pisces and yes I am flowing too. I hope that it makes as positive impression on my son as your mother has made on you.