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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's that time of Year

Wedding planning is in the air. Brides are all abuzz right about now preparing for summer weddings. They are tasting appetizers, fitting wedding gowns, picking brides maid dresses, and are so excited about their big day! In the spirit of wedding planning going on all over the place, although I don't know anyone in particular planning right now, I am posting wedding images.

This wedding took place in the 40's, see how small the party was.

Nowadays it's unheard of to have a few people in the wedding party. Every cousin, frienemy, & ex-lover is invited to be apart of the wedding party.

Here is an Indian wedding. I went to one once, it was the longest prettiest thing I've ever seen. We ate in the middle of the first ceremony in the daytime. I didn't attend the second ceremony in the evening. Oh and the invitations to that wedding were beautifully handmade, I still have it because it is so unique.

Here is my brother's wedding from last year. It was in Jamaica and unfortunately I didn't make it. However, I edited the video footage from the wedding into this video


Barbara said...

Such beauty

Kathy said...

Wonderful photos! My daughter is getting married Saturday and we are so very excited and happy for her. It's not the traditional wedding...still 150 guests and formal but no sit down dinner and only a maid of honor and best man. Can't wait!

Amithigirl said...

Beautiful wedding photos. I love how every country has interesting traditions and customs. Such an important day in a person's life:):)

A Cuban In London said...

Beautiful photos. Many thanks.

Greetings from London.

Jennifer said...

I really like your perspective on things! I know about 3 people involved in planning weddings right now. It's definitely the season!

Unknown said...

aww. :-) these are great.

the garments in your brother's wedding shot are beautiful. love that yellow.

i'm currently taking a class with a girl who's planning a summer wedding. every monday night in class during our break she makes sure to fill everybody in on her latest planning endeavors. by the time she's done talking about it all *i'm* exhausted, but her excitement about it all makes me excited for her.