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Friday, February 6, 2009

We love You!

Many of you may have heard about the Etta James rant about Beyonce and President Obama. I want to take a moment to tell Etta that we love you! I have mentioned Etta James on this blog before as a matter fact I've linked to her biography. I want her to know that when I heard Beyonce sing the song Etta has become famous for, I wondered why Etta wasn't asked to sing it. I want her to know that I appreciate her career, and that I knew about her and loved her before Beyonce portrayed her in Cadillac Records. I also want her to know that Beyonce singing her song, portraying her and taking pictures with her, only elevates Etta as an artist. Etta, you are 71 years old. Please don't disgrace yourself by being angry at a twenty something year old woman who sang a song you have sang for years. Your life, your music, the adoration for you is bigger than one song.

Please excuse the Obamas and Beyonce for making a historic moment with a song you have made your own. They could have and probably should have found a way to include you. They may have thought that by using the song, it was in some way paying tribute to you. Remember, the Obamas are young people. To them Beyonce is still very hip and cool and part of the soundtrack of their lives. It doesn't discredit you because they wanted a hip, cool and current singer for their first dance. We and they still love you. Now is the acceptable time for you to love you too. Now is the acceptable time for you to marvel at your accomplishments, admire those who have chosen to mimic you, and school those who don't know you. You must see that what you have given Beyonce and others is like the "family cookie recipe." You may have created it, but now it's time to pass it on. Some may taste it and immediately say, it's not quite like Grandma's. That yearning for what you offer will cause others to come to you and ask for that special ingredient. You then offer further instruction and demonstration, but it is more important for the recipe to live on than it is for you criticize and bash the baker.

On another note, Aretha we know that you are the Queen of Soul. no one can ever take that from you. Not the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul, Mary J. Blige, not a beautiful Queen like, Tina Turner, not Queen Elizabeth, not Queen Latifah, nobody. Know who you are. Stop wearing stuff like this. Be our Queen of Soul because there can never be anybody else in that role. We love you! Faye Dunaway, same thing we love you. It's okay if Hillary Duff plays your role of Bonnie from Bonnie & Clyde. We implore you to know who you are and love who you are. If anyone over 60 years who isn't sure how to grow older gracefully please ask Tina Turner, Suzanne Somers, Lena Horne, Ruby Dee, Cheryl Tiegs, these are all women have been known as sex symbols.

When the time came for them to move into another role, they did so with dignity and as a result are still considered sex symbols and gracious older women.


T.Allen-Mercado said...

If I may be 12 for a minute-"If I was Etta I'd slap my song straight out her mouth!"

Honestly, I felt it was in poor taste to not ask Etta to sing her song. Old soul that I am, I'd want the classic song sung by the original artist if at all available for the event. That being said, Etta's subsequent carrying on probably put the kibosh on future invites sans valium.

Sometimes I wonder what exactly is on Aretha's mind, but then I just close my eyes and listen to her 'sang'-she's never really been one for fashion.

This post did make me laugh-I could totally see Etta sitting on the sofa (you know the one) with her lips pursed and her head low saying, "You're so right Ms. Brooke".

Ms. Bar B: said...

Well said. And I am still picking my jaw up off the floor from viewing what Aretha "should stop doing". Am I wrong for wishing that Patti was the one who sang at the inauguration instead of Aretha??

Jewelry Rockstar said...

@ T.A.M. I am sure that's what Etta wanted to do. She said Beyonce was "gonna get her ass whipped." I am not sure what ReRe is thinking having those big ass titties out like that.

@Ms. Bar B. nope Patti shouldn't have sung it because Aretha is the one. Now she just has to understand that. I didn't mean to mess with your jaw, hehehe. I've been telling my Hubby about the pic for about a year. I finally showed it to him while getting this post together, his face said it all. He was horrified, and I am laughing right now just thinking about that look on his face.

fly tie said...

why oh why did i click that damn link to aretha!?!?!

anyway, i love this open letter. funny and on point. and yes, i too, love miss etta. :-D

and isn't lena horne just fabulous looking?? i've always admired her. yep. they all look wonderful.

Dori said...

Great post!

Kala Pohl Studio said...

Enjoyed reading this:)

Ms. Behaving said...


This was an excellent post.