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Monday, February 23, 2009

The Roaring 20's & Art Deco

My mind has been referring back to the 20's a lot lately. The time before the Great Depression. It was a glitzy and decadent time. The clothes, the architecture, the jewelry, the everything. The people were singing, dancing, and whooping it up. They had a channel called HGTV, that showcased the home decadence. The lush granite countertops, the well-designed landscaped backyard spaces, the travertine oh I forgot that's passe, brazilian tiger wood floors. There were also huge hummers, then the mid-size hummers, then the baby hummers.

There was this song in the twenties people used to sing. It went something like"... bling, bling, every time I come to your city, bling bling, pinky ring costs around fifty bling bling." That song represented the mentality that permeated every aspect of life back then. Bling, bling was ringing from the churches, from the boardrooms, from the televisions, from the car lots, from the banks, from Wall Street, from Front Street it rang through the streets. Big businesses and CEO's gobbled up smaller businesses with the government turning a blind eye to anti-trust laws. Invest, invest, invest, the stock market is where it's at, if you don't have a part of it you are straight trifling. Don't forget to buy that second property, you can afford it. The rate is variable, you can refi, by the time it's due. Better yet, get the interest-only, why pay down the mortgage, when values are sky-rocketing. There will be bonuses aplenty, even for the incompetent!

Yes, it was a great time! The masseuses came to the house, expensive coffee was consumed all day long, and washed down at night with designer liquor and wine. Parents swiped their cards so much, children began to think the cards were the source of the money and not the parents hard work. What a time they had in the roaring 20's, until 1929 when things just seemed to slide down hill.

What did you say? HGTV wasn't around in the 20's, I must have my years mixed up. Oh yeah, I guess I do. There is such a parallel between the previous 10-15 years and the roaring 20's that I often get confused about what time we are living in.

One thing, the roaring 20's produced some of the most beautiful treasures in America. The Art of that time is referred to as Art Deco. Hopefully, our modern time of lavishness will have a name too, oh it already does they call it the "Bling Bling period." Buckle up and hold on because President Roosevelt President Obama is gonna fix this mess for us. Until it all gets sorted out, enjoy this Art Deco beauty.


Barbara said...

I smiled, I laughed, I agreed, I loved it!!

*Tanyetta* said...

BLING!!!! :)

Unknown said...

i've been more familiar with clothing, dances, and music of that time than anything else til now. thanks! and i hear ya...

Jewelry Rockstar said...

@Fly Tie it was such as beautiful time, and I suspect in the future they may speak of this time in the same way.

@Ms. Bar B hehehe

Jennifer said...

Nice. I like this. I have a hard time with art deco. I like the clothing, but the architechture and decor are hard on the eyes for made it beautiful though. I see it differently now.

Diva Ma @ Mommy Fabulous said...

Loved it. There is certainly a familiar essence between now and then.