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Friday, November 14, 2008

Hit the Streets

Well it seems that every time I get a little bit of money some damn body has their hand out to get it. I'm talking "gimme that cause your car insurance has already lapsed" or "slide that right down this way or else your lights are going out." Plus all these folks with their hands out have increased their fees by about $10 or $50 here and there. I mean I've been paying bills and scratching my head saying "I thought I paid them blah blah blah the last time." The cleaning lady had the nerve to call me today to ask if I wanted to put her on the schedule because they were giving a $20.00 discount. I kid you not ,when she tallied up what it would cost me it came out to $20 - $30 MORE than what I had been paying times before. I thought a discount was supposed to be deducted... needless to say her a$$ didn't get put on the schedule. Much to my chagrin because my house looks horrible. I have many many skills but cleaning house ain't one of them. I am woman enough to admit that! before you say your "mmm, mmm, mmms," be sure you can make a drop biscuit as good as me

Anyway, I am way off subject here. What does all this have to do with hitting the streets? Well, that's what I've had to do. I went down to the Westin Peachtree, a hotel in Atlanta, today and solicited strangers. I loitered in the halls and winked and smiled at every stranger that went by until they stopped to check me out. I made a few bucks because I am so very talented. No not whorin' or shakin' my rear end. my belly is way to big for me to make money doing that Just setting up my jewelry at the 9th Annual Refugee & Immigrant Women’s Leadership Conference. It was a nice event, and I am going back tomorrow. I even got a henna on my neck and boobies.

Concerning that bill mess, it is a Marvin Gaye day... "this ain't livin, nah nah nah"


T.Allen-Mercado said...

Girl, money is tight as whores' drawers everywhere!

Your biscuit comment made me giggle-we all have are strengths and weaknesses. Well good luck hitting the grind again tomorrow, you'll be in my thoughts!

Marvin Gaye was totally sexy...the gruff, the jeans, the whole bit-I'm all over it!

Ms. Bar B: said...

LMAO @ you T!!!!!

You already know that I am with you on the whole house cleaning thing. I am a bit jealous that you have had a cleaning lady, well, until now, lol. It is soo true. I feel like a fugitive sometimes, running from those who wanna take food out of my baby's mouth.


Dori said...

The biscuit comment had me laughing out loud :-) And girl, I am in that club with you about not loving the cleaning. Loathe it! Oh well I better start up this ;-)

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

Like you I am no fan of cleaning, Buyt in our household my husband refuses to let me get help. I keep things "together" but if stuff gets really out of hand he steps in. Why go through the trouble. Let me hire someone and lets be done with it!

Jewelry Rockstar said...

@ Tameka, yes Marvin was totally sexy. It feels weird to lust after a dead guy, but I do.

@Ms.Bar b, now don't jump ahead. You've got to finish school before you can earn a cleaning fairy, and even then the economy can magically take her away.

@ dori & Renee I don't begin to know how one has the energy and focus to clean a house in one swoop. Renee, I 've known women who have totally faked their husbands out by having cleaning fairies to come when hubby wasn't there. I'm not suggesting you do it, just saying it can be done. hehehe

Mountain Woman said...

I'd love to have help cleaning but it's not in my budget :(
I bet you sold all of the jewelry you had because it sure is gorgeous.
If I have any money left over from paying the bills, I'd love to have some of those BIG earrings. Wow, were they cool.

fly tie said...

wasn't marvin sexy?!?!?!?

now i'll say "mmmm mmmm mmmm" to that!

i admire your boldness in just going out there and making ish happen. i need to be on the corner tryna sell some of these clothes i got in there. i can definitely relate to the whole bit about money being tight. (cant' say it better than tameka did, ha!)

Jewelry Rockstar said...

I did sell quite a bit. Especially day two. I wanted to sell my older beaded earrings because my style has changed, and I can't look at that old stuff anymore. I put them on clearance and I now have about 4 pair left.

Next weekend more grinding. I'm teaching tween girls to make jewelry at a birthday party. I've got to study and organize all week for that.

Ms. Behaving said...

Glad you made out good on the jewelry sales...
[That's wassup!!!]

Hey as long as it's legal and will generate a quick buck GO FOR IT GIRLFRIEND!!! :-)