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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm at the beach, triking in ocean, swimming in the pool, relaxing in the jacuzzi, detoxifying in the sauna, now I'm about to go eat with the family. Enjoy your day!

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Mberenis said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you & your blog readers! I love black friday. I did some research, and have all of my shopping preplanned to maximize savings! You would be surprised what kind of deals are out there, if you search for them.

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Ms. Bar B: said...

Sounds like you are having one HAPPY Thanksgiving =). Enjoy.

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

Now that is a Thanksgiving! Enjoy!

nikki said...

i want YOUR thanksgiving day!

Carolyn said...

i stumbled on your blog after visiting the Jennifer at The Stumbly Diva: OMG you do look like Jill Scott (I love her!) and I too think "stars" like Taylor Swift and the like are just "cotton-candy": pretty, fluffy, and sweet but no substance!

I enjoyed reading your perspectives (and checking out the hot guys a couple of posts down!)
Take care!