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Friday, November 21, 2008

Celebrity Separated at Birth???

This doesn't happen so much anymore, but it did occur the other day. It happens like this. I'm going about my merry way buying pizza, posting up at a craft show or Spoken word night waiting to sell my jewelry, waiting to get a table at a popular restaurant spot, visiting a cousin in another city, or some other ordinary day in the life of a jewelry rockstar. Someone from out of nowhere comes up and says "she looks like Jill Scott" or sometimes it's "hey Jilly from Philly" sometimes I even get obvious blushing from men who love Jill Scott, and feel like they have just met her. No it's not blushing from my own beauty, it's definitely from Jill's influence. I've been getting noticed by men since I was 13 years old, so I know the difference. I've been getting the "Aww shucks it's Jill Scott" bashfulness since I've made it to 160 lbs. and above on the scales. I mean from 2006 -2007, I heard it everyday and sometimes twice a day. Once I saw Yung Joc, the rapper on the streets and I said "look kids it's that rapper Yung Joc" and he said in return "look it's Jill Scott."

Whenever I start coming down a bit on my weight, which I have been lately, I don't hear the comparisons so much. However the other day I heard it. No disrespect to Jill, whom I love, love, love, but when I start to hear the "it's Jill Scott" jive I get a little concerned about my weight. Like I said I love Jill Scott and I really admire her, but I get a little annoyed when people say we look alike. I don't know if it's because she's bigger than me and I start to feel self-conscious about my weight or if it's that I just want my own identity. It certainly isn't because she isn't beautiful because she is, and she exudes a great energy.

I actually saw her in Atlanta this past summer, I waltzed right up to her, tapped her on the shoulder and said "I am sick of folks saying we look alike." She said, "You better tell them to stop." and laughed. Somehow I wasn't satisfied with her response. I Felt like I needed to deliver all the praise, compliments, and winks that belonged to her in a package to her. I guess I felt like if I could give those to her, I could go back to getting my own praise, compliments, and winks.

Here are some picks of me in 2006 - 2007 and some of Jill too! You tell me what you think, I promise not to get annoyed.


T.Allen said...

Oh my! I do think you two resemble each other. Looking like Jill-or Jill looking like you, is OK as long as she doesn't start designing jewelry!

Unknown said...

I love Jill and I can see a resemblance but I wouldn't mistake the two of you for each other. Although I can certainly see how others would.

Now that I have gained *ahem* pounds I no longer get mistaken for Nia Long but for awhile there I got it often. It was so bad once that in the subway in NY this man would not leave me alone because I didn't sign "my cover" on Essence. LOL

Unknown said...

WHAT!?!? Jill Scott wish she looked like my baby, Hmph! Folks trip me out with that. Even "stars" act out that foolishness... Brooke do you remember we drove past Young Joc or Jeezy ( I don't know the difference) and he pointed at you, talking 'bout, "look y'all, she (looks like) Jill Scott, y'all." Maybe they just don't see the magic I see e'r day. Now all the Denzel look alike comments I get all the time... they right, they right 'bout that right there. I can understand that.

Jewelry Rockstar said...

LOL, why is my husband always over here talking, and he obviously didn't read my full post because I already mentioned the Yung Joc incident. Denzel honey, Denzel??? Oh okay.

Unknown said...

lmao @ your husband!

well, there's definitely a resemblance in the third and fourth photos of you. but like renee said, i wouldn't say enough for you to be mistaken for her. but then again. the both of you are beautiful, so folks must just recognize beauty in general.

(y'all could def. pass for kin, though. you might wanna check into that. ha!) :-)

i like that you just went up to her at the show and told her and what you had to say about not feeling satisfied with her response.

Barbara said...

Um, yeah mama... you got that look, lol. I was tempted to start singing Long Walk, but I didn't wanna annoy you, hehe. I can feel you on wanting your own identity and I can also see how getting stopped all the time can get old. Either way, with pounds or not, I think you are a beauty, just like Jill =).

And Renee, I can see how folks would mistake you as Nia too, lol.

Jewelry Rockstar said...

@Fly tie my grandmother is from Philly and all the rest of my folk are from right outside of Philly in NJ. I think the resemblance comes from the way folk in that area hold their facial expressions, plus tribes just kind of cluster in the same geographical area.

Also, I didn't talk to her at a concert. We were in an ice cream shop. You know in Atlanta celebs walk among us regular folk all the time.

@ T. Allen She better not start making jewelry, it will be on for real. It's a real possibility though, you see she made a bra.

@ Renee I think I do see a little Nia Long. I've been wondering what it was about your face for a while.

@ms. bar b. Thanks for the compliment.

Afrochic said...

I see a resemblance depending on your facial expression. I don't think I would mistake you for her. Your eyes clearly tell the difference. Both beauty-full!

*Tanyetta* said...

LMAO! your husband is NOT playing!