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Friday, May 22, 2009

Rockstar Vacay Ramblings

Photo Credit: Craig Brimm,

I'm on vacation in Florida right now. Vacations are like being drunk in that they allow your mind to go places it won't go when you are all wrapped up in the stress of life. So now that I am drunk-like on vacation I have many ramblings that I'd like to share.

  1. Why oh Why is that old fart of an angry man, Dick Cheney out running his mouth? When we needed to hear from him, he was missing in action or out somewhere shooting his friend. I just don't understand why he keeps going on news shows and holding press conferences and crap. Somebody tell him to sit down and shut up!
  2. Am I in the middle of a baby boom? When I go into the doctors office it's hard to find a seat in the waiting room. Everywhere I look someone is waddling around with a round belly, and in 2009 there have been a large amount of bloggers who are either expecting a baby or have just delivered one. I'm not lying, here they are:

  3. Why does the child the age above the new baby feel like they have to start acting a little annoying strange?
  4. Why won't people in Atlanta stop emailing and calling me about stuff I don't care about? Don't they know I am on vacation and their little concerns are not mine right now. My only concerns are making sure beach towels are clean and having the right chairs to take out to the beach.
  5. Why was a dolphin swimming too close to my daughter? We thought it was a shark at first and totally freaked out as he glided by. Hmph!
  6. Why do I keep forgetting I'm pregnant when I walk by a mirror, and think that I'm getting entirely too big.
  7. I think the economy is getting better. Do you?
  8. It's raining here in Florida and I have to catch the beach between clouds and showers, but guess what I am still relaxing.
  9. The people are so much nicer here in Florida than in Atlanta that's why I am moving here as soon as I can. Now what I've got to do is get my nice game up, I've been in Atlanta for 18 years so I might be part of the problem .
  10. I am so glad my mom is here with me because she is reading books with my daughter that I am totally not interested in. It's funny to see her laughing at an eight year old's book.
  11. I finally got an iphone, and I miss my Trio.
  12. I got such a great deal on summer camp for my children that in way I want to rush back, so they can get started. Mind you it doesn't start until the June 1st.
  13. I guess that's it, for now.
  14. Oh yeah, trying out wordpress for our office website and it's a real pain in the arse.


Ms. Bar B: said...

Yay for vacation. Sounds like you are having a great time. I would LOVE to be on the beach right now, not soaking up too much sun though since I am actually thinking about taking my chocolate self to the tanning salon to try to even out these stupid tan lines that have left my chest a chocolately caramel mess.

Have fun and don't hurry back... enjoy it, you need it and you deserve it. Turn off your cell if you have to and step away from the email for a day or too. The rockstar is unavailable and that's just that ::says with arms folded and ghetto girl look on face::

Karen said...

I'm just stopping by from SITS to say hello.

Loved your list of ramblings. Sounds like you're having a great vacation!

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Vacation...mmmm-I'm outta here next month. Is FL really friendlier than Atlanta? That's interesting.

Enjoy yourself~

fly tie said...

ahhh yes..the beach. that would be lovely. i'm gonna at least try to make myself to the mississippi gulf coast this summer.

ok, you've got me rethinking my whole "move to atlanta" thing. i'm already uncertain about it.

about the economy--around here you'd never know there was a depression, recession, or *whatever* they wanna call it. people never ceased in spending like crazy.

was wondering the same about the cheney.

enjoy yourself, my dear. the photos are beautiful.

Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh!! Where was I on April 16th that I missed the pregnancy announcement. I almost fell over "nobody careds that I can do the stanky leg". LOL!!! I know a couple of women with babies on the way too, must be the new boom. I'm a little envious I have to admit. I'd love a new little one...I think :)

I feel you on the vacay ramblings...Cheney really does need to sit on his hands and shut his mouth!

Enjoy your time and take care of yourself!

Wifey said...

Glad you're having a great time. Husband and I just got back from Destin a couple weeks ago.

#6 is classic.

Winks & Smiles,

Jewelry Rockstar said...

Yes Atlantans aren't the nicest crew in the country. View this comment thread about a free movie event in the park to get an idea of the sentiments around here.