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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm Not Out Of the Game

I'm mostly just hot, tired and grumpy. I realize I've only blogged about twice in July. I've been doing other things like fussing folks out on FB, comcast's forum and twitter (told you I'm grumpy). Over what you might ask? I dunno Obama's citizenship, Gates' arrest, and Obama's subsequent comments, whether conversate is a word or not., whether you need to divorce to be a happy woman. Stupid stuff. These are real subjects I have voiced my opinion on. Just finding someone else to be crabby with besides my family.

Pregnancy is going well. Lately I've been losing weight instead of gaining. My doctor won't mind, she gave me a side eye about my weight last visit. I'm drinking green shakes and going to the pool several times per week. Baby is kicking, but overall I can tell he's gonna be very laid back. When I mentioned something about him kicking because he was hungry my eight year old said in astonishment "Oh he's alive in there." It was really hilarious.

I do have two surprises for you though. I can't reveal just yet. My husband and I are working on them. They'll be ready soon.

Oh yeah, I've started my countdown to 40 years old. I have about 20 days to go.

Sorry I don't have anything enlightening to report. I wanted you to know that I'm still here.


T.Allen-Mercado said...

You look full of life and fabulous! Thanks for checking in, I just updated my FB status to read that I am taking a few days off. I've lost my "voice" from bickering with folks about similar topics, and I'm not pregnancy perturbed, so what's my excuse?!

You're alsmot at the finish line, be well!

nicaeli said...

you look great! I am on the count down to year forty too! Congrats to you:)

3pieceonline said...

you look great and if you want to be grumpy revel in it!


Dori said...

I love your daughter's reaction. LOL.

Take it easy and enjoy! :)

Sha Boogie said...

LOL @ the 8 year ol being amazed, love it!! Misery loves company, so I am right with you gurl, I am just about ready for this ride to be OVER!

Jennifer said...

You look great! So funny how many of us are grumpy for one reason or another, lol. I think I'm coming out of my grumpiness which has been sleepiness induced for the most part. Enjoy swiming and your green shakes! You're 8 yo's reaction is priceless. I love how kids think and they really are always thinking!

Mama P said...

Just thought I would say hello. Came across your site via entrecard and first off, I'm also forty and had my first child when I was thirty-eight. Congrads on your pregnancy. Also, you are incredibly talented. I love your jewelry. Have a great day

Execumama said...

ROFL at your 8 year old's comment! That was priceless. Um, can I tell you how many times I've had the "conversate" conversation with folks! I think I might be yet another person with whom you can get crabby (lol), I love a great fuss-out inducing conversation.

Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy! You look beautiful, and I'm so excited for you and your family as this new arrival brings new levels of bliss and beautiful chaos to your lives.

But on another note, hurry up with the secrets, suspense raises my blood pressure :)

Diane said...

Just found your blog. You look great and are entitled to a little grumps now and then. I wish you a blessed baby!

Jewelry Rockstar said...

@execumama I hope you are on the Converse side of the fence, not the conversate side.

@ T.A.M. and Jennifer, hey we can all get a little fussy at times, and these time seem to be the best times for it.

@Nicaeli, we have a lot in common.

@Sha, we'll be complaining about sore nipple soon, or at least I will.
Everyone else, thanks for you love and support.

mommy4life said...

congrats and happy birthday early!

Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday for my special SITS day.

shydub said...

The tummy is getting bigger now,goodluck on your pregnancy and pray for your safe and easy delivery. Im sure you are so excited to see your baby soon.

fly tie said...

this very report is perfectly wonderful. :-)

yaaaay for you and baby getting green shakes and pool time.

Hadassah said...

Wow!you look great! I love the dress too.