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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Create Your Own Metal Castings

By []Colin Croucher

Have you ever thought about creating your own metal objects by employing the art of metal casting. It is not as difficult to do as you may think.

Right now, there are people all over the globe, learning &
practising the hobby foundry skills required for "Back Yard Metal
Casting". The renaissance has started; do you want to
be a part of it?

The ebooks we have written are recognized as excellent resource
information ebooks for the home foundry metalworker. They have
been written and compiled from real life hobby foundry practice,
and written in a way that you'll truly understand what we are
talking about.

A gentleman called Jim from Utah USA, recently sent us an
email to tell us how much he enjoyed the ebooks.

"Colin, he wrote, Thanks for taking the time to put this collection of very useful foundry information together. I'm sure it will be invaluable in my quest to do some home foundry work. I do Jeep restoration as a Hobby. Some of the models just don't have parts available any more. That is the root of my interest. I have a small machine shop and enjoy doing the work myself.
Regards, James H Simpson (Jim) U.T USA."

Like many people, Jim is very aware of the possibilities and money saving benefits when you are able to produce your own castings.
Even people who race Radio Controlled cars need to build special
replacement parts for small cars, and in doing so greatly
reduce parts replacement costs.

The hobby shop retailers know very well that you'll be back for
spares, and that is the way that they make constant profits from
RC enthusiasts. There's nothing wrong with that, But you can
"beat the system" by making some of the expensive parts your

The costs to build a small furnace are not that great... it is possible to build a furnace from scrap steel found around the home workshop. The largest building expense of the furnace construction will be the refractory or furnace lining.

But there are ways and means to reduce this cost considerably.

It is a known fact that it is possible to save quite a large amount of money by casting and machining products produced in your own workshop, compared to what it would have cost to get special one off items produced at a commercial foundry.

Initially you will spend some money, but in the long term you will recoup the initial cost with the savings you'll get by making and finishing your own special cast parts.

Metal casting completes the picture for metal workers, it provides the means to take an idea, and develop it through to product completion, right in your own workshop. How rewarding would that be for you?

And as Noel from Australia commented recently.

"G'day Col,

All's well with the e-books, but slowly, slowly, just reading and getting ready to build the foundry and start melting. I had fun melting a bit in my forge, just to see if it got hot enough, but I will start the real foundry soon. I love the e-book package, and I feel it gives me enough knowledge to start having fun... safely. Regards, Noel Watson.Australia".

Whether your aim is to cast antique reproductions, vintage, veteran car or motorcycle parts, art castings, your own special projects, or even if you just want to cast for the fun of it.

All you really need, is the basic desire to learn, and the commitment to slowly build your mini foundry to where you want
it to be.

Your metal casting journey can be an exciting adventure, starting
with simple projects, then slowly graduating to more advanced techniques and projects. The ebooks show you in detail "how to construct" all of the equipment & tools required to do metal casting in the home foundry.

If you are handy with general metal workshop tools, then you are more than capable of building the tools & equipment from the detailed instructions. This info will "never be found" at the local bookstore.

A visit to our web site will make you more informed to the endless possibilities you could experience with metal casting.

Metal Casting article Written By:

Col Croucher. Expert Author.

The Home Foundry Publications.


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Anonymous said...

Does anyone know of a good specialty metals company that can produce custom made metal parts at a reasonable price?