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Saturday, December 29, 2007

11 Tips on How to Start a Hand-Crafted Jewelry Business

Hand-Crafted Jewelry - 11 Tips on How to Start a Hand-Crafted Jewelry Business
By []Allen Jesson

If you have tinkered with hand crafted jewelry projects in the past and you think you have the passion and talent for it, you might be ready to go to the next level. Selling your hand crafted jewelry to other people is a decision not to take lightly, but if you have patience and perseverance, future success is an inevitable outcome.

Tip #1

Practice with DIY hand crafted jewelry kits. These give you all the supplies you need together with instructions on how to assemble everything together. Add embellishments reflecting your style to the end product. This will let you further explore your style and determine just what works best for you.

Tip #2

Mix and match. Try making jewelry pieces using different materials. Experiment with beads, gems, crystals, various wires and knots, and other objects. This will increase your experience for working with different items; a necessity in your kind of business since jewelry pieces are dependent on the subjective and varying tastes of clients.

Tip #3

Increase your knowledge about jewelry in general. Learn all the types of precious and semi-precious stones commonly and rarely used in making jewelry pieces today. Learn which of them are considered birthstones. Know the history, myth, and legend associated with each and every stone. Know the physical properties of the materials you will be using and how these would affect your jewelry piece when you start fusing them together.

Know which cords work better with which kind of items. A silk bead cord, for instance, works well with freshwater pearls because they can be easily inserted through smaller holes. Tiger tails are good if you do not wish to use a needle for inserting them through beads.

Acquaint yourself with commonly used terms, abbreviations, figures, and systems used in jewelry making. In plating, GF would mean gold-filled while SC will mean silver color metal. Know that 14K gold would be referred to as .585 in Europe. For wire gauges, you should understand that a smaller wire diameter translates to a larger figure.

Consider educating yourself officially by taking up a jewelry making course. If not this, enroll in a jewelry making workshop or apprentice in a well-known jewelry store. Read books on jewelry.

Tip #4

Participate in all the jewelry-related events in your area. These will include but are not limited to bazaars, art exhibits, and trade shows. You will get to meet a wide variety of individuals there, and many of them will have the means of helping you out with your plans.

Tip #5

Find a supplier. It's not that easy to break into the jewelry industry if you're going to purchase all your supplies from the mall. You need to find a direct way to contact a jewelry supplier and do business with them. It will help you reduce production costs and give you the opportunity to purchase hard-to-find items sooner than others.

Tip #6

Hand crafted jewelry does not mean that you will not be using tools and equipment. You will still have to invest a small amount of money to purchase crimping and handling tools to make your job easier.

Tip #7

Visit jewelry shops online or not, read jewelry magazines, and watch jewelry shows to feed your mind with ideas for your next design. Doing so also keeps you updated with the latest trends in the fashion industry.

Tip #8

Build a website. Whether you are going to sell online or not, a website will provide your customers a shop open 24/7, ready at any time to display your latest works.

Tip #9

Be prepared to repair jewelry pieces. It is unavoidable for any jewelry shop to receive repair requests and in some cases, the costs are yours to shoulder completely. You need to set up a system to ensure efficient and fair service for repair concerns.

Tip #10

If you are going to sell your jewelry pieces to other jewelry shops, dress professionally. Wear your jewelry pieces if possible. And don't accept consignment unless you fully trust the other party.

Tip #11

A hand crafted jewelry business is just like any other business in the sense that you need to perform some basic bookkeeping activities. This will let you know if your newly established business is struggling or earning.

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